KERRANG No.188 Check exclusive video showing all pages! May 1988, good condition. Poison on cover, Rush, UFO, Iron Maiden, Queensryche Operation Mindcrime


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KERRANG – No.188 (Poison cover, Rush, Phil Mogg, Iron Maiden, Dweezil Zappa)

Check exclusive video showing all pages

Check exclusive video showing all pages

KERRANG number 188 there are two small pictures missing and one Poison article page missing. ALL other pages in MINT condition
Date of issue: May 21 1988
Cover – Poison
Featured artists:
Exodus w/photo
Scorpions w/photo
Slave Rider w/photo
Dogs D’Amour w/photo
Guiffria w/photo
Red Hot Chili Peppers w/photo (Abbey Road crossing with socks in cocks!!!!!)
Rush – 3 pg interview w/ live photos
Dweezil Zappa – 1 pg interview w/photo
Queensryche Operation: Mindcrime [album review] – 1 pg review w/photo.
Kings of the sun: Kings of the sun, GLASS TIGER: Diamond Sun, JOHNNY BE GOOD LP Original motion picture Soundtrack,
Flotsam & Jetsam, Amazing Screaming Willies, Legion of Parasites, Joanna Dean
Joe Louis Walker, Nagara, Mucky Pup
Heavy Righteous Metal, Peter Koppes
UFO – 1.5pg interview w/photo – Phil Mogg
Lawnmower Deth – 1.5pg interview w/photos
Iron Maiden:  Charlotte & the Harlots  – 3.5pg special w/photos
Electric Boys w/photo (missing),  Vandamne w/photo
Twisted Sister w/photos
Pete Wadeson w/photo, Ipanema Katz w/photo, Carmen Suite w/photo
Lita Ford, Egypt, Crimson Glory: Dream Dancer, Formosa: Metal Guru, Honeymoon Suite: Other Side of Midnight, Scorpions, Zappa, Malibu Barbi
Poison – 5 pg interview w/photos (one page is cut and missing)
Saxon / Kooga – 0.5pg review w/photo, BLUE BLUD (Marquee, London), Panama (Marquee, London), Brian Spence (Marquee, London)
WASP w/photo Videos in the Raw
Nikki Sixx Motley Crue comic strip

Kerrang – the longest running and most famous UK Rock and Heavy Metal magazine. These mags have now become ultra collectable pieces of music memorabilia and have featured some of the biggest and smallest names in Rock/HM. Buy a piece of rock history today!!!!!


………detailed LIST OF Poison TITLES below…

KERRANG No.416 October 1992 POISON on cover, IZZY STRADLIN, Girlschool, BON JOVI, Nirvana, King Diamond

RED HOT METAL Compilation LP Queen, David Lee Roth, Gary Moore, Magnum, Ozzy Osbourne, Slaughter, Winger, Quireboys, Poison.

KERRANG NO. 294 Check exclusive video showing all pages! ok condition, no posters. JUNE 1990 BRET MICHAELS – POISON, KISS, JON BON JOVI, Bruce Dickinson

KERRANG – No.144 Poison (cover), EZO, Ratt, Warlock, Gary Moore, Doro, Rock Goddess, Iron Maiden

POISON: Look What The Cat Dragged In (M.F.N TAPE) Excellent Glam- Sleaze

POISON: Native Tongue. Promo use only [Tape cassette 1993] “Stand”, “Native Tongue/Scream”, “Until You Suffer Some”, “7 Days Over You”

POISON: Something to believe in 7″ test pressing white label ULTRA RARE

POISON: Cry Tough 12″EP 1987, US GLAM ROCK. Includes: Look What The Cat Dragged In Cry Tough (US Remix) check VIDEO

POISON Every Rose Has Its Thorn. 12″ Gatefold No. 1 hit single. Classic Ballad, + unreleased song. CHECK VIDEO

POISON: Cry Tough [Debut PROMO only 12″ single DIFFERENT COVER promo Enigma Records SPRO – 9710]

POISON: So tell me why 7″ + Unskinny Bop [Promo copy, with promotional advertisement] Check video

POISON: Every rose Has Its Thorn 7″ + Back to the Rocking Horse. Mega Ballad. Comes with a free scratch & sniff postcard. VIDEO!

KERRANG No. 402 July 1992 near mint condition Poison cover , Rollins, Iron Maiden, Fishbone, Vince Neil, Ministry, ANTHRAX, MINISTRY, BLACK CROWES, NAUGHTY NAUGHTY. 4 Posters!

POISON: The best of Poison CD PROMO 20 Years Of Rock Official 2006 US Capitol 18-track promotional-only CD-R acetate advance

POISON: Your Mama Don’t Dance CD Great Loggins and Messina cover. Check video

POISON: Unskinny bop CD 1990 UK single. Check video

POISON: Stand CD Digipak UK 4 track. Incl. great edit and a totally unreleased song. Check videos

POISON: Native Tongue CD. signed, autographed. 1st press, original. Check videos and all samples

POISON: Until You Suffer Some (Fire And Ice) Special edition plastic wallet with cardboard insert picture CD + great mixes of songs! Check video

POISON: So tell me why CD signed, Autographed + Unskinny Bop (live) + Ride the Wind (Live)Check video

POISON: Flesh & Blood CD. 1st press, original. Check all videos!

POISON: Open Up and Say- Ahh! CD. 1st press, original. Check all videos!

BRET MICHAELS: Songs for Life CD (SEALED). + 2 bonus tracks!! Poison singer. + videos

RIKKI ROCKETT: Glitter 4 Your Soul CD. Original 1st press. Covers album w. Bret Michaels of Poison.

KINGS OF THE SUN LP 1988 Check videos [for fans of AC/DC]

KINGS OF THE SUN: Kings of the Sun LP 1988. For fans of AC/DC. Check videos

GLASS TIGER: Diamond Sun LP. CHECK VIDEO (Very -old- U2 like) and all other songs

JOHNNY BE GOOD LP. Original motion picture Soundtrack: Judas Priest, Kix, Fiona, Saga, Ted Nugent, Frozen Ghost, Dirty Looks…

BLUE BLUD: The Big Noise LP 1989 in MINT condition. Top Hard Rock by Ex Trespass band members. Check the “Don’t turn out the light” video


………detailed LIST OF Rush below…

RUSH: A Show of hands 2LP. Double gatefold LP 1989 European, excellent condition.

RUSH: A Farewell to Kings LP Gatefold 1977 UK. Check videos

RUSH: All The World’s A Stage 2LP double Gatefold LP original 1977 UK . Their most famous double LIVE. Check whole LP and audio review.

RUSH archieves (first 3 LPs) Note: Original faded grey cover (not the re-issue)

RUSH: Fly by Night LP 1975. UK

RUSH: Grace Under Pressure LP 1984 US. no song titles on the back cover

RUSH Permanent Waves LP 1980 Canadian. Check videos and review video. The Spirit of Radio, Freewill, Jacob Ladder

RUSH: Hemispheres LP 1978 Gatefold original US with lyrics and pictures. Includes big poster! Check audio (whole album), video, video review

RUSH: LP 1974 uk 1st, debut (with protective bag). Check videos + audio review

HEAVY LP West German compilation with shiny cover Black Sabbath, Def Leppard, Krokus, Rush, etc.

RUSH: Presto LP 1989. Check videos “Show Do not Tell”, “Superconductor”. Check whole album (audio) + video review

Rush: A show of hands VHS PAL (Recorded Live At The NEC Birmingham). RARE German! The video comprises an entirely different recording to this of the 2LP

RUSH: Moving Pictures LP 1981 Second Hand, Made in England. Tom Sawyer, Red Barchetta, YYZ, Limelight…

RUSH: Hold your Fire LP 1987 UK with a glossy photo / lyric inner with lyrics. Great artistic photo. Check videos

RUSH: Grace Under Pressure LP 1984 UK + inner with lyrics etc. Vinyl mint condition (visual inspection). Check videos.

RUSH: Signals LP. U.S.A Check videos & samples.

RUSH: Signals LP. UK. Comes with protective sleeve (vinyl near mint). Check videos & samples.

RUSH: 2112 LP Gatefold. Original 1976 England / UK pressing. Conceptual masterpiece!

Sounds Like A Good Album To Us – The Sounds Album Vol. II. Vinyl LP, Promo, Compilation. Santana, Kansas, Frank Marino, Ram Jam, Aerosmith, Ted Nugent, Cheap Trick, Sparks, Crawler

RUSH: Subdivisions 12″ UK 1982 w. Red Barchetta (live) + Jacobs ladder (live). Check video

RUSH: Spirit of Radio 12″ UK 1980. The Trees, Working Man. Check video

RUSH: Time Stand Still 12″ UK 1987. [B1 + B2 recorded live on the “Grace Under Pressure” Tour]. 20 minute, 4 song E.P Check video

RUSH: New World Man 12″ UK 1982 Check video

RUSH: The big Money 12″ UK 1985 + Territories + Red Sector A (Live). Vinyl mint condition (visual inspection). Check videos.

CLASSIC ROCK magazine 122. August 2008. RUSH on cover. LED ZEPPELIN, FOO FIGHTERS, MC5, Def Leppard, Journey- + Prog CD

KERRANG No. 42 May – June 1983. MINT condition. Rush on cover, Wendy O Williams WoW, Iron Maiden, Hanoi Rocks, Heavy Pettin, Plasmatics, Bow Wow, Exciter, Saxon, Styx

RUSH: Time Stand Still 7″ + Force Ten [Special Edition. Rare cover: cut out in circle shapes to match the cover artwork!!] Check videos

RUSH: Subdivisions (Edit) Radio DJ promotion copy 7″ + Red Barchetta.

RUSH: Tom Sawyer 7″ UK 1981 + A Passage To Bangkok. NO PICTURE SLEEVE. Free for vinyl orders of £30+

SOLOMON GRUNDY: Spirit of Radio 7″ + I am not the freak. Rare hard rock US single. Great RUSH cover. Merch sheet + CLEAR VINYL

RUSH: Closer to the Heart 7″ Made in England 1977 + Bastille Day + The Temples of Syrinx. Check videos.

RUSH: Vital Signs 7″ + In the Mood. Check videos

RUSH: The Body Electric 7″ + The Analog Kid. 1984 UK. In a glossy picture sleeve. Check videos

RUSH: The big Money 7″ UK 1985 + Territories. Vinyl mint condition (visual inspection). Check videos & Check video of the actual single for sale.

RUSH: Closer to the Heart 7″ + The Trees (LIVE). uk 1981 rush 1. Check videos.

RUSH: Tom Sawyer 7″ + A Passage To Bangkok Check videos

MAX WEBSTER: Battle Scar 7″ Mega epic. w. Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, Neil Peart of Rush!! Check videos. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Rush: Hold your fire tour programme 1987 – 1988 MINT CONDITION

Rush: Hold your Fire T-Shirt. 1987 original vintage directly from the Rush Fan club

Rush moving pictures tour programme 1981 Mint condition

Rush: Roll the Bones T-Shirt with 1991 1992 Tour dates. From the Rush Fan club

QUEENSRYCHE: Operation Mindcrime [tape]

Queensryche: Operation Mindcrime T-Shirt (Original Vintage Fan club)

FORMOSA: Metal Guru 7″ T-Rex cover [Marc Bolan] + She’s having fun. good time rock. Check video

CRIMSON GLORY: Lonely 12″ (Re-mix). RARE. 18 minutes. Includes the unreleased ‘Dream Dancer’. Check VIDEO!

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