KERRANG No. 42 May – June 1983. MINT condition. Rush on cover, Wendy O Williams WoW, Iron Maiden, Hanoi Rocks, Heavy Pettin, Plasmatics, Bow Wow, Exciter, Saxon, Styx


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KERRANG NO. 42 May 19 – June 2 1983 – UK MAGAZINE
Cover – Rush

IRON MAIDEN Kerrang! (1983 UK 47-page rock & metal magazine, issue number 42 from May 19th – June 2nd, features a 1-page Steve Harris Diary from Bahamas’ article, review for the ‘Piece Of Mind’ album and review and photographs from there Preston Guild hall concert which was part of the ‘World Piece’ tour!) Rush cover, Meatloaf, Hanoi Rocks, Heavy Pettin, Plasmatics, Bow Wow, Exciter, Styx, Saxon, Wendy O Williams Plasmatics (W.o.W) with tits out on full display…

Featured artists:
Iron Maiden – 1pg feature written by Steve Harris [Steve Harris’ diary….exclusive]
Styx – 3 pg interview w/photos Dennis DeYoung
Meat Loaf – 1.5pg photo and interview
Rush – 6 pg photo special
Amazon / Lori Chacko , Tank, Samson
IRON MAIDEN: Piece of Mind, Motorhead: Another Perfect day, Twisted Sister: You can’t stop Rock n Roll, Blackfoot: Siogo, Magnum, Hellanbach: Now hear this, Lita Ford, Hanoi Rocks: Back to the mystery city,
Bow Wow – 3pg interview w/photos
Exciter – 1 pg interview w/photo
Hanoi Rocks – 4 pg interview and photos
Wendy O Williams – 2 pgs interview and photo Plasmatics – Wendy O Williams
IRON MAIDEN: Piece of Mind full page ad
Iron Maiden – 1 pg b&w photos w/live review
Concerts:IRON MAIDEN (Preston) live pictures carried in two different pages, Frank Marino (Hammersmith Odeon), Alexis Korner; The Gun Club, Screaming Lord Sutch,
Heavy Pettin – 1.5pg interview w/photo
Witch Cross, Hellion, Snowy White, Rush: Count Down / New world man, Thin Lizzy: Thunder and Lightning, St. Elmos Fire, Pretty Wikkyd, Uriah Heep.
Saxon – 1 pg photo and lyrics Power and the Glory
Gerry Anderson – Terrahawks  4 pages

Kerrang – the longest running and most famous UK Rock and Heavy Metal magazine. These mags have now become ultra collectable pieces of music memorabilia and have featured some of the biggest and smallest names in Rock/HM.  Buy a piece of rock history today!!!


IRON MAIDEN: Piece of Mind LP GATEFOLD EMA800 [with brain picture labels]. Check audio and videos

IRON MAIDEN: Piece Of Mind / Single Collection 1 ŽCD. 17 songs. Check Full Album and videos!

IRON MAIDEN: Piece Of Mind CD. Original press, 1983 U.S.A. Capitol, AAD.

IRON MAIDEN: World Piece Tour 83 Volume One LP BOOTLEG LIVE IN OFFEBACH (Released Sept. 1983)

TWISTED SISTER: You Cant Stop Rock N Roll 12″ ( 3 unreleased, unavailable elsewhere songs) VIDEO.

TWISTED SISTER: You Cant Stop Rock N Roll LP. + video

TWISTED SISTER: You can’t stop Rock N Roll 7″ + Let the Good Times Roll +Feel So Good: 2 unreleased live songs. Check video.

BLACKFOOT: Siogo LP 1983 All 10 songs are great. Check samples

HELLANBACH: Now Hear This LP N.W.O.B.H.M 11 track with inner sleeve Neat records 1983. . HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

HANOI ROCKS Dont you ever leave me 12″ UK. Oil And Gasoline, Malibu Beach (Calypso version). Check VIDEO

RUSH: Countdown [Spirit of Radio Interview on the B sideCHECK VIDEO]

THIN LIZZY: Thunder And Lightning 2 LP gatefold MINT condition. (Double LP Limited Edition original) + live at Hammersmith Odeon 1981

THIN LIZZY: Thunder And Lightning 12″ UK + Still In Love With You (Live ’83). Highly recommended. Check video

THIN LIZZY: Thunder and Lightning 7″ + Still in Love with You (live) – April 1983. check videos.


………detailed LIST OF Rush below…

RUSH: A Show of hands 2LP Double LP

RUSH: A Farewell to Kings [Gatefold LP]

RUSH: All The World’s A Stage 2LP double Gatefold LP . The most famous double LIVE album by the Canadian Gods. Check whole LP

RUSH archieves (first 3 LPs) Note: Original faded grey cover (not the re-issue)

RUSH: Fly by Night LP

RUSH: Grace Under Pressure LP

RUSH Permanent Waves LP Classic , check videos. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

RUSH: Hemispheres [Gatefold LP with lyrics and pictures. Includes poster]

RUSH: S/T , 1st, debut LP (with protective plastic bag) check videos

HEAVY LP West German compilation with shiny cover Black Sabbath, Def Leppard, Krokus, Rush, etc.

RUSH: Presto LP Check videos

Rush: A show of hands VHS. The video comprises an entirely different recording to this of the 2LP

RUSH: Moving Pictures LP 1981 Second Hand, Made in England.

RUSH: Hold your Fire LP + inner with lyrics & great artistic photo. Check videos

RUSH: Grace Under Pressure LP + inner with lyrics etc. Check videos.

RUSH: Signals LP. U.S.A Check videos & samples.

RUSH: Signals LP. UK. Comes with protective sleeve (vinyl near mint). Check videos & samples.

RUSH: 2112 LP Gatefold. England / UK pressing. Conceptual masterpiece! s.

Sounds Like A Good Album To Us – The Sounds Album Vol. II. Vinyl LP, Promo, Compilation

RUSH: Subdivisions 12″ w. Red Barchetta Jacobs ladder Check video

RUSH: Spirit of Radio 12″ [(2) The Trees, (3) Working Man] Check video

RUSH: Time Stand Still 12 [B1 n B2 recorded live on the “Grace Under Pressure” Tour4 songs E.P] Check video

RUSH: New World Man 12″ Check video

RUSH: The big MONEY 12″ + Territories + Red Sector A (Live). Check video

CLASSIC ROCK magazine 122. August 2008. RUSH on cover. LED ZEPPELIN, FOO FIGHTERS, MC5, Def Leppard, Journey- + Prog CD

RUSH: Time Stand Still 7″ + Force Ten [Rare cover: cut out in circle shapes to match the cover artwork!!] Check videos

RUSH: Subdivisions (Edit) Radio DJ promotion copy 7″ + Red Barchetta.

RUSH: Tom Sawyer 7″ + A Passage To Bangkok NO PICTURE SLEEVE. Free for vinyl orders of £30+

SOLOMON GRUNDY: Spirit of Radio 7″ + I am not the freak. Rare hard rock US single. Great RUSH cover. Merch sheet + CLEAR VINYL

RUSH: Closer to the Heart 7″ + Bastille Day + The Temples of Syrinx. Check videos.

RUSH: Vital Signs 7″ + In the Mood. Check videos

RUSH: The Body Electric 7″ + The Analog Kid. In a glossy picture sleeve. Check videos

RUSH: The big MONEY 7″ + Territories. Check video.

RUSH: Closer to the Heart 7″ + The Trees (LIVE). uk 1981 rush 1. Check videos.

RUSH: Tom Sawyer 7″ + A Passage To Bangkok Check videos

MAX WEBSTER: Battle Scar 7″ Mega epic. w. Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, Neil Peart of Rush!! . HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Rush Hold your fire tour programme 1987 – 88

Rush: Hold your Fire T-Shirt. 1987 original vintage directly from the Rush Fan club

Rush moving pictures tour programme 1981 Mint condition

Rush: Roll the Bones T-Shirt with 1991 1992 Tour dates. From the Rush Fan club

W.O.W Wendy O Williams:

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