Yperano Records

London, UK mail order (and now once again a record label), est. in 1997. We are posting all our products from our warehouse in the European Union (NOT the UK).
If unsure, ask us to produce a video of the items that you want to check!
We don’t sell just 1 vinyl / 1 tape / 1 CD. Go for at least two 12″s, two 7″s, two CDs, two tape cassettes, etc. Matching sizes only, to avoid breakages in transportation. [Makes more sense to place an order that is up  to 1 kilo in weight; no matter if you buy 2 LPs or 4 LPs, you pay the exact same price for postage and packing!]
Email us the specific links of the items that you want and we will check their availability and if the price is correct or not. If it is not, we will offer a
2022 price. See All Products    Get in Touch

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Yperano Records is back!

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