ORGANIC, low acidity, chemicals free, extra virgin olive oil, directly to your door!

Almost everyone knows or can easily find the reasons why consuming olive oil is vital for your health (as it has many medicinal values). If you need a quick reminder, here is a very helpful (two minute) video. Plus, watching it will help you realise what type of olive oil we produce:

– We produce ORGANIC, low acidity, chemicals free, extra virgin olive oil.
It is a single Estate olive oil. The oil comes from one plot (one field, one olive grove), so it is not mixed with other olive oils of unknown origin (as it the case with the mass produced olive oil). Our trees never get sprayed with chemicals. We only ever use a brush cutter (to get rid of the weeds), then a hand saw and a pole saw (to cut branches). That’s all. Conventional producers that mass produce olive oil, use tractors to spray their trees with chemicals / pesticides. They avoid having to employ the big number of land workers that is necessary for the proper maintenance of olive groves. So they save a lot of money by not employing manual labourers and just spray chemicals that kill the insects that attack olive trees. However, their olive oil inevitably contains chemicals and pesticides, which are detrimental to the consumers’ health and well being.

Perfectly maintained field.
An incredible amount of time and effort goes into the maintenance of the trees and the land. Bugs thrive in trees that are not maintained properly and have thick foliage (too many leaves and branches). If the sun’s rays and the air can’t go through the foliage, that helps the bugs survive the intense summer heat, stay on the olives and feed off the olives. Trees that host bugs, produce low quality oil (the acidity of the olive oil increases). If you don’t want to spray the trees with chemicals, you have to constantly maintain the olive grove properly; and that’s exactly what we do .

The acidity of the olive oil that we produce ranges from 0.2% to 0.3%, which means that we sell the absolute best quality of ORGANIC olive oil that money can buy.                                                                                                                           You should know that most supermarket / mass produced and distributed “extra virgin” oils have an acidity of just below 2% In addition, some “extra virgin” oils are mixed with “refined” oils. Have you noticed that most brands never reveal the acidity or the exact origin of their oil! They have every reason to keep consumers uneducated, confused and unaware of the dangers of buying and consuming such awful oils! So, the term “extra virgin” is very deceptive and shouldn’t be used for oils of such poor quality. At some point, the olive oil industry should implement some standards just like the alcohol industry did. How come consumers know the volume of the alcohol that they drink, but can’t get any info on their olive oil that they consume?

Location of the field.
the field is in a remote area of Western Crete. We have clean air, heavy rainfall during the winter and a lot of sun for most of the year. Perfect location, ideal growing conditions!

Our oil is cold pressed.
Our oil is slowly pressed in a small traditional pressing plant that focuses on quality (not volume). It is extracted in low heat, so all the vitamins are kept intact and the oil has a distinct, strong taste with a kick. Producers that have small olive groves consume their own olive oil, share it with their families and friends and sell the rest of it.

CHECK the 12 seconds video below, to see how our local traditional pressing plant operates:

Mass produced olive oil comes from many different fields, is sprayed with chemicals, and then it gets processed in big pressing plants that extract the oil using high temperatures. So the taste of that olive oil (the olive that you buy in supermarkets around the world) is blunt, neutral and unspectacular. To add insult to injury, this inferior “supermarket type” of olive oil is also sold in plastic bottles (in most cases). The molecular structure of plastic bottles can deteriorate fast without any warning, plus that deterioration is NOT visible to the naked eye, so the customer can never tell what is going on and to what degree the olive oil will get contaminated.

– It is stored in a cool dark place, in air tight containers.

It is stored in tins that are easy for the customer to use. Please note: If stored properly the olive oil is not going to go bad, so buying more than you would normally buy from your local supermarket, makes sense. You can store it under your kitchen sink AND put more of it in your food (which will massively improve the taste of your food). You could also give some of it to friends / family as a present.

-Where we sell:
We can sell to customers across Europe. The oil travels by air and arrives at your door in 7 days.
We can also sell to customers in Australia, Canada, and the USA.
(If you are based elsewhere, we will make enquiries and let you know if our oil can be transported to you).

– Packaging and sizes offered:
The oil is always professionally packed in special wooden constructions that secure the tin / the tins properly. (The use of wooden boxes is compulsory when the oil has to travel by air or by boat).

The tins that you see in the above pictures are 17 litre tins. We do recommend the purchase of 17 litres of olive oil in a single tin. The 17 litres tin saves you money.

If you need your oil in several small tins or bottles, there is going to be an additional cost for buying those tins and bottles, plus more time will be wasted in order to make several oil transfers (we don’t own specialised bottling facilities, so it would be very nice if we could keep it simple). If you chose the 17 litre tin, you make additional savings because we will only have to buy one tin and the courier will charge less, (as less protective packaging and effort will be required to deliver your order).

Here are the sizes of tins that we can potentially work with: 3 litres, 5 litres, 10 litres and finally (what we consider to be the best option) tins that hold 17 litres of olive oil.

– Transportation costs:
Regarding transportation costs, it makes sense to order at least 10 litres of olive oil and have either a 10 litre tin, or two 5 litre tins delivered to your door (2 tins X 5 litres = 10 litres). If you order less than 10 litres you end up paying more than you should, because the currier is proportionately charging more for the transportation of smaller tins in small containers. The couriers that we work with, don’t recommend deliveries that are below the threshold of 10 litres. We totally agree; ordering less than 10 litres of olive oil is pretty pointless.

Here is an example of how much the transportation of oil costs (it travels by air and gets delivered to the buyer’s home), if the buyer lives in the south of Germany:

The cost of 2 (two) 5 litre tins with a protective wooden box is between 70 – 75 Euros (7 to 7.5 Euros per litre)

the next available wooden construction size that the currier offers is for 6 (six) 5 litre tins, so…
The cost for 6 (six) 5 litre tins with the wooden box is between 155 – 160 Euros (5.16 to 5.3 Euros per litre).

(The further away the currier needs to travel to deliver the oil, the price goes slightly up. So sending our oil to Denmark will be slightly more expensive than sending it to Germany).

– Costs breakdown (for orders of 17 litres & 10 litres, delivered to Germany):

– The current price for a single 17 litres tin of olive oil (including the cost of the tin), is €290 (Euros) / GBP £252 / USD $315

– If sent to south Germany, courier delivery to your door (including the protective wooden “cage”) will cost €100 (Euros) 

– So the grand total for a 17 litres tin (as of 20-5-2023) will be: €390 (Euros) / GBP £339 / USD $423

If you want to buy  2 (two) 5 litre tins (it travels by air and gets delivered to the buyer’s home):

The current Price for 10 litres of our olive oil, plus the cost for the two tins is €195 (Euros) / GBP £170 / USD $210

Transportation costs (plus the wooden box) to south Germany is  70 – 75 Euros

So the grand total for two 5 litre tins / 10 litres (as of 20-5-2023) is: €265 (Euros) / GBP £230 / USD $286

These were just two examples. We will have to know YOUR location and preferences (and then talk to the couriers) to be able to give you an exact price. So message us and let us know what sort of order you are interested to place. We can’t offer our usual shopping cart facilities for olive oil, because there are way too many variables and parameters that need to be taken into consideration, including the location of our potential clients in case that they live in far away destinations. We will probably be unable to service customers in every part of the world.



  • please keep in mind that our ORGANIC, low acidity, chemicals free, extra virgin olive oil has a higher value, as it is not mass produced, sprayed to death, or mixed with dubious oils of unknown origin. This is not cheap supermarket oil. So yes, it does cost more, but it comes from a single estate, has an acidity of 0.2 to 0.3 and is cold pressed. Given its qualities and the labour intensive / time consuming methods of its production, the price is pretty reasonable.

  • Before you make up your mind, please note that the price of olive oil has doubled within a year (from 2022 to 2023). That’s right, it went up by exactly 100% because the two biggest producers Spain and Italy, have massive problems with their crops (severe draughts and deadly tree diseases). When there is less oil available, prices inevitably go up.  You might have also noticed that many other products and services in your home country have become way more expensive within the last year, so olive oil is one of the many products that became more expensive; we will never see pre 2022 prices again. If you know what is good for you, buy now and consume later. You can keep it on storage for a really long time anyway.  (Even though we shouldn’t even have to bring this up… Obviously, returns are not accepted at any stage!)

IF interested to order, please use the contact form of this website CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE CONTACT FORM ,
or email directly INFO  [AT]  YPERANO [DOT] COM

Happy to have a Skype session, if you want to talk in real time. If you have any questions and you feel that talking in real time is better for you, then use the contact form / email and request a Skype session. (Don’t forget to specify a day and a time).

Additionally, if you are visiting Western Crete at any point and want to visit the olive grove, we can have that arranged for you. If you want to buy olive oil during your visit, we could even go to the currier (that will deliver the oil to your home address) together.

We accept cash, and bank transfers. Yperano is trading as a record label and a mail order shop since the 1990s, so relax and enjoy, dealing with us is safe and you will be satisfied.

George 20-5-2023.

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