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Yperano Records official video clips

Medieval Death: A slightly updated version of one their signature songs. Drums, vocals and bass by the 3 original band members; guitar parts by G. Exarhakis (the bassist’s son).
Watch out for the upcoming Medieval Death LP + the free 2 hour DVD of previously unreleased material. Both the LP and the DVD recordings will have a fully remastered sound.

drum parts analysis for the Medieval Death song:
We have guitar riffs spread over a half time drum tempo, then the drums galloping over thrash riffs.
Then a  5/4 tempo divided into eighth notes with groupings of 3-3-2-2, where the song returns to thrashing. Then four meters in 5/4, divided into eighth notes with groupings of 3-3-2-2.
Then four meters of 4/4, back for four meters back to 5/4, then four meters of 4/4, followed by a 2 meter fill and the icing on the cake comes with a 3/4 tempo.
In closing, we have a repeat of all these different rhythmic patterns.

………Hope you liked both songs!