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Yperano Records official video clips

Medieval Death: Here is an updated version of one their signature songs. Drums, vocals and bass by the 3 original band members. However all guitar parts come curtesy of G. Exarhakis (the bassist’s son).
We have released the Medieval Death LP and a free (should you buy the LP) 2 hour DVD of previously unreleased material.
Both the LP and the DVD recordings have a fully remastered sound!

You want to get the Medieval Death LP/DVD? Message the label:  Contact Us

drum parts analysis for the Medieval Death song:
We have guitar riffs spread over a half time drum tempo, then the drums galloping over thrash riffs.
Then a  5/4 tempo divided into eighth notes with groupings of 3-3-2-2, where the song returns to thrashing. Then four meters in 5/4, divided into eighth notes with groupings of 3-3-2-2.
Then four meters of 4/4, back for four meters back to 5/4, then four meters of 4/4, followed by a 2 meter fill and the icing on the cake comes with a 3/4 tempo.
In closing, we have a repeat of all these different rhythmic patterns.

Mordicus: Rights ‘n Trials. This is the lead song from the same titled LP. Absolutely ferocious….

You want to get the Mordicus LP? Message the label:  Contact Us

………if you want to buy those two releases, get in touch!

Each of these two releases is limited to 100 black vinyl copies only. You will not find these albums on physical shops (not even on our own Yperano website) or on streaming services. Copies will go to friends, and to the fans that we will notify. There is absolutely no guarantee that you will get a copy, but contact us, and ask if we can sell to you too.