Rush: A show of hands VHS PAL (Recorded Live At The NEC Birmingham). RARE German! The video comprises an entirely different recording to this of the 2LP


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Rush – A Show Of Hands (Recorded Live At The NEC Birmingham)
Recorded: 1988
Length: 90 min.
Director: Larry Jordan
Producer: Len Epand, John Diaz
label: Phonogram – 080 574 3
Format: VHS , PAL
Country: Germany
Released: 1989
Genre: Hard Rock, Arena Rock, Prog Rock
1 The Big Money
2 marathon
3 Turn The Page
4 Prime movers
5 Manhattan Project
6 Closer To The Heart
7 Red Sector A
8 Force Ten
9 mission
10 Territories
11 The Rhythm Method
12 Spirit Of Radio
13 Tom Sawyer
14 2112 / La Villa Strangiato / In The Mood
Barcode: 044008057437

A Show of Hands is a concert film released on videocassette, by the Canadian hard rock band Rush. It documents a live concert performance by the band on their 1988 Hold Your Fire Tour. In 1989, the band released an audio album of the same name on vinyl LP. The video comprises an entirely different recording, and features a different track list.

The video cassette version was the original format of release, in 1989 & long out-of-print.

The concert footage documented in A Show of Hands was filmed in Birmingham, UK.

Geddy Lee: bass guitar, synthesizers, vocals
Alex Lifeson: guitars, synthesizers, backing vocals
Neil Peart: acoustic and electronic percussion

For a band with high standards, a perfect show is impossible, and an excellent show is rare. You hope that the norm is “good.” Rush make the impossible possible and deliver  exceptional  performances

I recommend it to anyone who wants to get a glimpse of Rush back in their prime. This video is an excellent archive of 1980s Rush.

This excellent concert video was filmed during Rush’s highly successful “Hold Your Fire” tour. At the time this video was filmed in 1989, Rush was at the peak of their popularity, although they did release some good albums afterwards, such as “Presto”. The songs on this video are first-rate and feature Neil, Alex, and Geddy in all of their glory. I haven’t heard a drummer that can match Neil Peart’s intensity, while Alex’s guitar playing is top notch and Geddy’s bass and harmonic keyboard playing are unparalleled.
All of Rush’s classic hits are performed on this video, as well as several from the “Hold Your Fire”, which happens to be my personal favorite. From the melodic “Closer to the Heart” to the fast-paced “Marathon”, Rush doesn’t miss a beat with their high-energy progressive rock and roll. I highly recommend this fine concert video. Watch it and experience the “Rush”.

5.0 out of 5 stars The next best thing…

If you couldn’t be there, you can at least see them on tape. Being an old veteran of many a Rush tour, this was one of the better ones. This time, the band has integrated their projection screen clips into the concert itself, creating a kind of “half concert, half video” show. It is difficult to believe Geddy’s accuracy on the bass until you see it. Geddy, Alex, and Neil are not just musicians, but ARTISTS. Not just talented, but GIFTED. This is a rare chance to see this special band at the summit of their career. Add this to your collection. You’ll find yourself wearing it out. This is the greatest band in music history, playing their guts out in concert, like they always have for their fans.

5.0 out of 5 stars

This video captures the true essence of a ‘Rush’ performance. I saw the “Hold Your Fire Tour” in Binghamton NY. The emotion and energy is faithfully captured, and you have the best seats in the house. To see them live for one performance is more expensive than this video, that you can peruse at your digression. As for the Band, I wish I had the words to describe their musicality. If Wolfgang Amedeus Mozart were accidentally brought to the future, and I was the first person he met, I would play this video for him. He would feel right at home because Alex, Geddy and Neil are modern day Baroque musicians. I do not pay such high respect lightly. They can play in any numeric figure, and even stretch measures to suit their purposes. They convey emotions with instrumentation and flair.  It is a definite classic!

Of all the music and groups and concerts put on video in the 80″s, this is perhaps the best. Three men doing what they love…playing music and having fun. Great music from that spans the entire 80’s decade from probably the most underrated band in the world–Rush.If you have never seen them in concert, buy this, hook your VCR up to your stereo, turn it up to 11. You’ll see (and hear) why Rush is one of the best power trios ever. From the cartoon opening to Neil Peart’s stunning drum solo to the classic finish, this video is what concerts should be-fun. A must have for every one who likes great rock and roll.

I have the vhs of this it is a great show all of the songs that you love are here it is a must for Rush fans ..

It’s hard to state the excellence of this video after reading the reviews. I’ve owned this video since it’s release date and it’s still my favorite.  


With the turmoil raging from 1982 to 1989 over the increased use of synthesizer’s in Rush’s music, Marathon serves as a perfect balance of both sides of the band’s character, with both Lee’s keyboards and Lifeson’s guitar taking their respective bows.

Lee’s opening bass encapsulates the rhythm of the marathon runner, and the song also serves writer Neil Peart as an allegory for life itself – keep going, tackle life’s obstacles, but don’t push yourself too hard and burn out on the way.

Check the site for more RUSH vinyl records, CDs (and T-shirts, tour programs)

Check the site for more RUSH vinyl records, CDs (and T-shirts, tour programs)

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