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Songs of Life is the second solo studio album by Bret Michaels, lead singer of the rock band Poison. The album was released April 22, 2003.
The first single released from the album was “Raine”, a song dedicated to his daughter Raine Elizabeth Sychak born on May 20, 2000.

The album also features “Bittersweet” (the second single to be released), “One More Day” (a 9/11 tribute), and “Menace to Society” (which features a live Montage music video released on Bret Michaels website).

“Stay with Me” was recorded earlier on the interview / music album Ballads, Blues & Stories, but was not released on a full music studio album until now.
“Raine” also features a music video directed by award winning director Shane Stanley.

Track listing:
“Menace to Society” – 2:49
“Bittersweet” – 3:24
“Raine” – 3:55
“Forgiveness” – 4:19
“Loaded Gun” – 3:55
“Strange Sensation” – 2:55
“Songs of Life” – 3:12
“One More Day” (9-11 tribute) – 4:02
“I Remember” – 3:38
“The Chant” – 1:09
“Its My Party” – 3:54
“War Machine” – 3:21
“Party Rock Band” (Rock Edit) – 2:43 (Bonus track – originally from the album A Letter from Death Row)
“Stay with Me” – 4:14
On the evidence of Songs of Life, Poison frontman Bret Michaels has learned a musical trick or two from the competition–and a few contemporaries. “Menace to Society”, “Bittersweet” and the bonus track, “Party Rock Band”, bristle with pop-punk energy, while the title track and “One More Day” evoke no less than the American heartland spirit of John Mellencamp. “The Chant” flirts briefly with rap-metal, while the tongue-in-cheek excesses of “Its My Party” evoke an unlikely shotgun marriage between thrash and Lesley Gore. But Michaels hasn’t forgotten the slick, hook-laden ballads that helped make his fortune either, with the buoyant “Raine” and melancholy bonus cut “Stay With Me” displaying both solid craftsmanship and surprising range. If the album is ultimately as musically derivative as anything in the Poison catalogue, it succeeds largely on Michaels’ broader ambitions and willingness to push the stylistic envelope–as well as nick a few timely pop cues from the best.
5.0 out of 5 stars Bret Proves his Individuality,
Okay, so having only actually heard the demos provided for the first 5 songs I can’t really say that this is gonna be the greatest album of all time. But from the sounds of it its gonna come pretty damn close. Bret Michaels, who remains as Poisons vocalist is always linked with crazy ’80s behaviour, power ballads, and that motorcycle. What many do not take the time to realise is that this guy goes really deep in his songs, which is evident throughout Poison history. The songs on this album appear to take the same form: powerful vocals, powerful lyrics, and ass-kicking riffs. Many a time vocalists have tried to break away from their band chains and produce solo efforts- and many a time they have crashed but Michaels pulls it off with tight rhythm, polished structure and hopefully a tour to follow through. If you want to see the progression of Bret’s stuff, buy the best of Poison album, it shows you outwardly that this guy can make it on his own.

5.0 out of 5 stars As the Americans would say AWESOME,
Very few Artists are able to stand alone, away from a/the band Brett Micheals can…….
All I can say, for my taste very much worth a few pounds. Enjoy……
Great CD if you liked Poison you’ll love this. Bret really knows how to rock.
Really good lyrics and songs!!! I love him on Rock of Love 2!!! Raine is one of the best songs!
Love this album. “Stay with me”-INCREDIBLE!
You know the great thing about this album is you can kick it on, grab a few cold ones and enjoy a sunny day. Yeah it feels like the 80s why is that a bad thing? I lived the 80s and you people that try to make me think they sucked….well we know what they were really like.!!!! I feel sorry for you. Buy this album and pull the stick out of your…. well you know.
Apparently Bret took all the good songs for himself & left Poison to make do with the leftovers. This features better songs, better hooks, better choruses, & more backing vocals than Poisons albums. From rockers to ballads, Bret out-Poisons Poison, delivering the kind of CD Poison fans love. There are no fillers here and if Poisons next project sounds this good, they could breathe new life into their career…
I was pleasantly surprised. Mark Allen said it best….Bret saved his best material for his solo CD!! Raine is such a nice song dedicated to his little girl..and the rockers on the album blow away anything Poison has released for ages. I highly recommend it…it has everything…some glam…some hard rockers and some power pop!! Good stuff…..
This is an amazing Party/Hard Rock album. I don’t think it sounds like poison at all, in fact I think I would be disappointed if this were released by Poison, Because its too far away from what anyone would expect to hear from Poison. Well Its Brets’ solo release and It REALLY rocks my world.
I really ended up liking it. the fun songs are exactly that, and that ballad type songs are excellent as always from Brett. Good CD.
this album was nothing short of amazing..all the songs are well written. all theses songs are so fun and/or beautiful.. i really love “stay with me” this is a really pretty song,sad but pretty…amazing record..but everyone is right …
This disc contains some of the best stuff Bret’s ever written and hopefully well get more releases from him both solo and with Poison. This disc should be in everyone’s collection no matter what your tastes are. The vocals are excellent as is the music itself and the musicianship is top notch. Put this all together with great production and you got yourself one kick ass record. This is definitely one damn fine disc.
Anyone not moved by the lyrics to ‘One More Day’ has no soul. Anyone that doesn’t laugh at Loaded Gun has no sense of humor. Man, this would have been one kick-ass Poison record. 9/10.
Very cool CD- “Bittersweet” is hilarious. Some of the stuff on here reminds me of Jani Lanes solo stuff. This is def. on the keepers list.
God this album bloody smokes!! This album has no fillers at all and its great to listen to whilst having a few beers. Cracking stuff.
The CD rocks. His best Solo CD. Check this one. Raine is the standout but there are some very good songs on this one. Brett has an awesome voice and writes good songs that the common man can relate to and enjoy. Hats off to Brett on this collection. Just not a cowboy hat….man, he needs to get rid of that hillbilly in him.
This a a party rock’n’roll album!!!.”forgiveness”(nice song)”Bittersweet”,”Raine”…really good songs indeed. 88/100

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