MAX WEBSTER: Battle Scar 7″ Mega epic. w. Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, Neil Peart of Rush!! Check videos. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


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MAX WEBSTER Battle scar ….with Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, Neil Peart of Rush!

Mega pomp / epic rare 80s single from the Canadian Gods, that used to be in the same label as Rush, and close friend with them. Rye Dubois writes all the lyrics. (He wrote songs for Rush as well). Contains Battle Scar with Geddy Lee the bass player / singer of Rush]

Terry Watkinson [ KEYS ] has left at this point leaving Kim to pretty much run the show. Watkinson does play on the song “Battle Scar” but it wasn’t recorded at the same time as the rest of the album.

“April In Toledo” is a grower. I like the chorus and those earlier words “Shes taking a break from my face.”

RUSH fans will want to hear “Battle Scar” for sure.

Line-up / Musicians:
Kim Mitchell – guitars and vocals
Garry McGracken – drums
Dave Myles – bass
Pye Dubois – lyrics
Dave Stone – synths
Doug Riley – piano

also playing:
Geddy Lee , Neil Peart , Alex Lifeson and Terry Watkinson on “Battle Scar”

1 – Battle Scar
2 – April In Toledo

KIM: been in jail for a thousand years / found a fist in an empty field
only quarters for meals / feel the way i feel…
bust the busters / screw the feeders / make the healers / feel the way i feel
tried to understand the white mans fears
make ’em bend but they wouldn’t yield
uncle sams time is only a greased wheel / feel the way i feel

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