KIM MITCHELL 12″ E.P Max Webster singer / guitarist. Great drum sound. 12″ Deleted soon thereafter and never made it to the CD format. Check audio and video review (says best E.P ever)


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Joseph Kim Mitchell is a Canadian guitarist. He was the lead singer and guitarist for the band Max Webster before going on to lead a solo career.

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Track listing:
1. Kids in Action 4:30 Pye Dubois / Kim Mitchell
2. Miss Demeanor 3:39 Pye Dubois / Kim Mitchell
3. Big Best Summer 3:39 Pye Dubois / Kim Mitchell
4. Tennessee Water 3:44 Pye Dubois / Kim Mitchell
5. Chain of Events 4:18 Pye Dubois / Kim Mitchell
Kim Mitchell – guitar, lead vocals
Robert Sinclair Wilson – bass guitar, vocals
Paul DeLong – drums
Peter Fredette – background vocals
Bernie Labarge – background vocals

An extremely tight trio playing five killer songs with hooks, harmonies, laughs, and smarts galore. If he had come up with four or five more songs as strong as these he would have made one of the best hard rock albums of the 80’s. Well, enjoy those 5 songs then…….

Red-hot EP of killer rock’n’roll! Kim hit the nail on the head with this one. This is the next best thing to his Max Webster material.
The Kim Mitchell “”Mini LP”” was released in 1982, almost immediately after the breakup of Max Webster. Curiously, the title was deleted soon thereafter, and never made it to the “”new”” CD format.
Coming off the somewhat clinical-sounding (but great) Universal Juveniles LP, Mitchell here presents a thicker, bouncier, meatier (yet somehow poppier) set of cuts – not a bummer in the bunch. The Mini LP format would have been a good idea for a lot of acts who failed to fill their full length releases with decent songs. Up to this point, Mitchell had generally avoided that problem, but here, the brevity and accuracy are just what called for.
All the instruments are well-recorded. The guitar solos are all inspiring; I’ll single out “”Kids In Action”” and “”Big Best Summer”” for special praise. In these two songs, as well as “”Tennessee Water,”” the arrangement of the backing tracks really push the solos. There interesting rhythmic interplay — “”Tennessee Water”” finds the bass alternating between doubling a repeated “”Running With The Devil-style”” lead statement and following the kick drum — and although the multiple rhythm overdubs tend to bury the lead during the “”Kids In Action”” solo, all three solos are among my all-time faves. (Check out the guitar/guitar/bass unison line that leaps out of the speakers halfway through the “”Kids In Action”” solo! Hoo-boy!)
“”Miss Demeanor”” (overused and hence not-very-clever title) is more laid back, but once again, tones and arrangement suit the tune to a tee. I should point out that sometimes-loony lyricist Pye DuBois is pleasantly restrained on all these songs.
“”Chain Of Events”” closes the disc in startling, angular fashion, with its simple and effective verse melody asserting itself over pedal-point bass.

In part due to its format-induced focus, this release is perhaps the most straightforward and “”mature”” of all Kim Mitchell work. Furthermore, it sounds great on vinyl, and fans of off-the-beaten-path rock guitar solos will be pleased with their purchase because this is an awesome first release. Kim Mitchell really delivers on this EP and it is a real treat for fans of Kim Mitchell or Max Webster.”


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