LOST WEEKEND: New religion CD PROMO 2003 A.O.R / melodic Hard rock a la Journey, Boston, Foreigner.


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LOST WEEKEND: New religion

New Religion is a pretty straightforward AOR/melodic rock album. Lost Weekend is obviously influenced by old school bands like Journey, Boston, and Foreigner, but doesn’t try to imitate them or recreate that 80s sound. Third shot at the big time from Lost Weekend. ‘New Religion’ is the follow up to 2000s ‘Presence Of Mind’ release. In an effort to beef up their sound this time around the band have enlisted the services of Emerald Rains Murray Daigle and Mike Dmitrovic as producers,and whilst this has given the songs a gutsier edge, they still retain that warm, distinctly British feel. They have matured steadily as songwriters over the years, to produce, what sounds to me, like their most consistent album to date. Punchy rockers like ‘Dead In The Water’ rub shoulders with gutsy ballads such as ‘By Now’. Pitched somewhere between early Ten and latter-day Emerald Rain (with a slightly rawer, more rootsy vibe), ‘New Religion’ will appeal to those who have a fondness for solid British hard rock.

CD PROMO Release Date June 20, 2003
Track Listings
1. Whos the One to Blame
2. Feed on Emotion
3. Can’t Get You Out of My Mind
4. By Now
5. Sophias Song (My Shining Star)
6. New Religion
7. All Alone
8. Dead in the Water
9. Faith
10. Once in a Moment
11. Whose Heart
12. I’m Not the One
Duration 52:32

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