MAX WEBSTER: The Best of Max Webster CD 1989 f. Kim Mitchell. w. Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, Neil Peart of Rush! Check audio


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Max Webster Featuring Kim Mitchell The Best Of Max Webster Featuring Kim Mitchell
Label: Anthem Records WAGK 1058
Format: CD, Compilation
Country: Canada
Released: 1989
Style: Hard Rock, Prog Rock
1 Max Webster Check 2:36
2 Max Webster High Class In Borrowed Shoes 3:59
3 Max Webster A Million Vacations 3:13
4 Max Webster Diamonds Diamonds 3:17
5 Max Webster Let Go The Line 3:32
6 Max Webster Night Flights 3:04
7 Max Webster The Party 4:46
8 Max Webster Hangover (Live) 5:36
9 Kim Mitchell Kids In Action 4:29
10 Max Webster Gravity 4:52
11 Max Webster Paradise Skies 3:26
12 Max Webster Words To Words 3:35
13 Max Webster Oh War! 4:26
14 Max Webster Here Among The Cats 3:02
15 Max Webster Waterline (Live) 4:37
16 Max Webster Battle Scar 5:50 Featuring Rush

Track 9 was issued on Kim Mitchells first solo EP and is not technically a Max Webster recording. It was otherwise unavailable on CD at the time of this albums release.

The band’s biggest hit in the UK was Paradise Skies from 1979’s A Million Vacations, which reached No. 43 in the singles chart and for which the band actually appeared on Top Of The Pops, although they perhaps remain best-known for Battle Scar from 1980’s Universal Juveniles, which featured a guest appearance by Rush.


5.0 out of 5 stars A sampler of unserious yet literate rock.,
Kim Mitchell is one of the most unique rock guitarists ever. His style is in a league with Buck Dharma, Bill Nelson, & Frank Zappa.
Lets face it: Max Webster was mostly Kim Michell & his friends. The lyrics (the better ones are from Pye Dubois) border on poetry, sometimes evocative, sometimes just weird — yet always inspiring sing-along. The guitar work floats between classically inspired & jazzy.

Yet, when it all comes down, these people like to rock out, & it shows. A friend who saw MW live said, “There’s this guy in tights flying back & forth across the stage all night.” Yeah, that would be Mitchell. Think of it as Art Rawk that refuses to take itself that seriously.
5.0 out of 5 stars iwasafanbeforeyouwasafan,
Max Webster was without a doubt, the most under-rated rock band in history (honorable mention Gentle Giant). This album does a good overview of most of their best stuff.
As a 17 yr. old, I saw Max perform at the 1974 Greenwood Pk. Free Rock Fest in Toronto and went home to make the following diary entry,” Just saw another great band who I predict will make it all the way”. That other band was RUSH, who had played my high school with their old drummer a few months before.
I suggest that anyone interested also seek out the entire Max catalogue, esp. those first 2 zany albums.At a time when many local acts such as Triumph, were content with putting out mediocre cookie-cutter, corporate rock, these Max recordings represented a more genuine respect for the creative process. They understood the value of being original and it was no coincidence that RUSH’s management signed them early on.
the song “Battle Scar” was recorded live with? all three members of Rush playing alongside Max Webster

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