KERRANG NO. 138 January – February 1987 used, 2nd hand, pages missing. Marillion on cover Fish, Slayer.


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Check exclusive video showing all pages

Check exclusive video showing all pages

KERRANG. Issue No. 138 , January 23rd – February 4th , 1987. Marillion cover and article inside. Also includes articles on Slayer, Tesla, Celtic Frost and Queensryche
KERRANG number 138 has parts cut and whole pages cut this is why it is free for orders (magazines or 12″ vinyl) of £45+ 
Date of issue: Jan 22 – Feb 4 1987
Cover – Marillion
Featured artists:
MSG w/photo, Mace w/photo, Thrash Queen w/photo, Rush w/photo, Mammoth w/photo, Queensryche – 0.8pg interview w/photo
Shy – 0.5pg news w/photo
FM – w/photo
Kathy Vincent w/photo
Bernie Marsden – 1 pg interview w/photo
Stan Bush – 1pg interview w/photo
The Ladder, The Outfield, Tesla: Mechanical resonance (small band photo is cut), Zappacosta, Sammy Hagar, Purgatory, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Exumer, Cities: Annihilation absolute, Cerebus, At War, Heretic, Anti-cimex, Warfare, Ludichrist, Adrenalin OD, Guns n’ Roses: live like a suicide, Cloven Hoof,  Tension: Breaking point, Satan: into the future, (all in pink colour missing as pages 17+18 are cut), Stryper, Plasmatics
Van Halen w/photo, Ratt w/photos (1 small photo is cut)
Vixen comic! Motley Crue with two ladies w/photo, Savatage w/photo, Billy Idol w/photo, Gene Simmons w/photo KISS
Glass Tiger, Phil Lynott: King’s call, The Mission: wasteland, Saxon, FM: Frozen heart, Georgia Satellites, Terraplane: if that’s what it takes, John cougar Mellencamp
Slayer – 5 pg interview w/photos
Comic strip Girlschool
The Babysitters – 1 pg interview w/photo (whole article is cut)
Victory – 2 pg interview w/photo (band photo is cut, article intact)
Marillion – 6 pg interview w/photos
Celtic Frost / Kreator / Coroner – 1 pg live review w/photos
Eric Clapton (Royal Albert hall, London)
Harmonic 228/ straight edge
Cinderella (Cow palace, San Fransisco)
Torme / The Quireboys
Life after
Bad Company w/photo, Girlschool w/photo(1 small photo is cut), Briar w/photo, Heartless w/photo, Jerod w/photo, Crimson Glory w/photo
Betsy (Bitch) – 1 pg photo w/text

Kerrang – the longest running and most famous UK Rock and Heavy Metal magazine. These mags have now become ultra collectable pieces of music memorabilia and have featured some of the biggest and smallest names in Rock/HM.  Buy a piece of rock history today!!!!!

CHECK and buy:

CITIES: Annihilation Absolute LP Metal Blade. on drums A.J. Pero (Twisted Sister). A la Metal Church, Savatage, Armored Saint

GLASS TIGER: Diamond Sun LP. CHECK VIDEO (Very -old- U2 like) and all other songs

GLASS TIGER: Simple Mission CD A.O.R big guns. Rod Stewart guests on vocals. Check VIDEOS

GLASS TIGER: My Town 7″ (featuring Rod Stewart). PROMO!!!! Check video.

TENSION: Breaking Point LP 1986, KILLER US HEAVY METAL, AUDIOPHILE. Check audio and a very detailed and accurate track by track video review.

THIN LIZZY: Soldier of fortune LP 1987 The Best of Phil Lynott and Thin Lizzy. 15 songs. Check videos

The MISSION IV: Wasteland 7″ + Shelter from the Storm (Edit) (Live Recording) Check videos

FM: Frozen Heart 12″ + live recording. Check video

FM: Frozen Heart +Love Lasts Forever + Addicted to Love (Live) +Hot Legs (Live) 7″ 1986 UK 4-track vinyl double pack

GEORGIA SATELLITES: Hippy Hippy Shake 7″ (from the Cocktail soundtrack) + Hand To Mouth. Check video

THE GEORGIA SATELLITES: Open All Night LP 1988. Southern rock from Atlanta. Good Time ANTHEMS. Check videos

TESLA: Mechanical Resonance PROMO LP + Inner Sleeve (lyrics etc.) Classic 1986 debut. Check videos.

JOHN MELLENCAMP: Get a leg up 12″ E.P vinyl. Check sexy video

ULTRA RARE Thunder: TERRAPLANE Black And White LP white label test pressing ULTRA RARE! Mint vinyl. 3 Thunder members.

MARILLION: End of Seasons tape Cassette 1989. Check video

KERRANG NO. 36 Check exclusive video showing all pages. Febr. 1983 good condition. Progressive Rock special – Marillion / Genesis on cover, Styx, Def Leppard, Krokus, Motley Crue, Ozz, Virgin Steele

KERRANG NO. 36 Febr. 1983 excellent condition. Progressive Rock special – Marillion / Genesis on cover, Styx, Def Leppard, Krokus, Motley Crue, Ozz, Virgin Steele

KERRANG NO. 28 November 1982. Check exclusive video showing all pages! used but OK. Marillion on cover Fish, AC/DC (7 pages), Asia, Pat Benatar, Joan Jett, Spys, Fist, Wrathchild, Coney Hatch, Cloven Hoof

KERRANG No. 95, MAY 1985, Mint condition. FISH from MARILLION on cover, ZZ TOP, IRON MAIDEN, LEE AARON, THOR, IQ, Krokus

KERRANG No. 63 Check exclusive video showing all pages! March 1984 mint condition, Venom / Marillion / Dire Straits / Rick Springfield cover. Gary Moore, Scorpions, Great White, Whitesnake, Blue Oyster Cult, Saxon, Metallica, Tokyo Blade

MARILLION Heart of Lothian 12″ [Heart of Lothian (Extended Mix), Chelsea Monday (Live), Heart of Lothian] CHECK VIDEO

MARILLION: Clutching At Straws LP 1987 UK. embroidered, embossed, raised cover. Check VIDEOS. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

MARILLION Fugazi 1984 Gatefold LP UK. Very good condition (visual inspection). Check VIDEOS

MARILLION Sugar Mice 12″ UK 1987. Sugar Mice, Sugar Mice (Extended Version), Tux On (exclusive song). Check VIDEO

MARILLION: Real To Reel LP 1984 (very good condition). LIVE recording of the classic line up. Check videos

MARILLION: Misplaced Childhood LP GATEFOLD Original 1985 UK FIRST PRESS Lavender, Heart Of Lothian. Check whole album

MARILLION: Kayleigh 12″ UK 1985 Kayleigh (Alternate Mix), Kayleigh (Extended version), Lady Nina (Extended). Check VIDEO

MARILLION: Assassing 12″ (Extended Version) 1984 UK. with Fish on vocals. Check VIDEO.

MARILLION Incommunicado 12″ [Incommunicado, Incommunicado (Alternate Version), Going Under (Exclusive song)] CHECK VIDEO

MARILLION Warn Wet Circles (Remix) White Russian Incommunicado (both LIVE in Loreley) CHECK VIDEOS

MARILLION Market Square Heroes 12″ The 1982 debut. incl. 2 unreleased songs (one of them a 17 minute song) check VIDEO

MARILLION: Alone again in the lap of luxury 12″ Picture disc UK. Check VIDEO.

MARILLION: Garden Party 7″ Check video HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

MARILLION: No One Can + A Collection. PROMO 7″ Check video

FISH: Internal Exile CD (original UK version). Marillion singer. + Amazing cover of “Something In the Air”. Check videos

FISH: Yang PROMO CD RARE re-recordings and re-mixes! Marillion singer. Chocolate Frog Records. Check sample

EUROPEANS: Recognition 7″ + New industry (unreleased song). RARE. Steve Hogarth singer of MARILLION. Check video

MARILLION: Cover My Eyes (Pain & Heaven) 7″ + How can it Hurt (both songs are excellent

MARILLION: No One Can 7″ + Cover My Eyes. Check videos.

MARILLION: Punch and Judy 7″ [Unreleased B side Three Boats Down from the Candy] FISH. Check video + AUDIO.

MARILLION: Lavender 7″ + Freaks (Unreleased B side). Check video!

MARILLION: Heart of Lothian 7″. Chelsea Monday (Live). Check videos.

MARILLION: Incommunicado 7″ + Going Under (Exclusive song to this release). Check video!

Marillion T-Shirt Seasons End with Tour dates July 1990. RARE. 1 French, 3 UK tour dates

FISH: For Whom The Bells Toll! CD (sealed PROMO 2CD – Double). 2 hours of live magic. Marillion singer.

FISH: Brother 52 PROMO CD. Marillion singer. Steve Wilson Marillion. Check video

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