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“Garden Party (The Great Cucumber Massacre)” was the third single Marillions debut album Script for a Jesters Tear, reaching number 16 in the UK Singles Chart in 1983, the bands biggest singles chart success prior to 1985. The song is a parody of social elitism and snobbery. The B-side is a live version of “Margaret” (recorded at Edinburgh Playhouse, 7 April 1983). The 12″ single includes a live version of “Charting The Single” (recorded at Hammersmith Odeon, 18 April 1983).

7″ Version:
Side A
“Garden Party” [Edited version] 04:29

Side B
“Margaret” [Edited live version, Edinburgh Playhouse, April 7 ’83] 04:09

After the synth/guitar break in the middle of the song, a verse starts:
I’m punting
I’m beagling
I’m wining
I’m rucking
I’m miming
(So welcome) Its a party!

However, the original lyrics read, “I’m fucking” and was replaced by “I’m miming” for the single release and “I’m frolicking” for the album track. “Rucking” in the previous line is a rugby term; the sport is referred to earlier in the song. Fish appeared on shows such as Top of the Pops, the UKs long running chart show and at the point where he ought to be singing the broadcastable “miming” he shut his mouth and merely pointed at his lips as the words came over the PA. The album version (which was also included on the 12″ release), contained the original lyric.

Fish vocals
Steve Rothery – guitars
Mark Kelly – keyboards
Pete Trewavas – bass
Mick Pointer – drums

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