KERRANG No. 136 Check exclusive video showing all pages. Dec – Jan 1986 1987. Great condition. Klass of 87 cover, Boston, Billy Squier, Waysted, Metal Church, Megadeth, Onslaught, Europe, Doro, No Shame


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KERRANG – No.136 Klass of ’87 cover, Boston, Billy Squier, Beki Bondage, Waysted, Metal Church, Megadeth, Onslaught, Georgia Satellites

KERRANG number 136    All pages (apart from the front cover which is a bit tatty) are in great condition.  
Date of issue: Dec 25 – Jan 7 1986/87
Cover – V/A inc Megadeth, Onslaught, Georgia Satellites, Poison, Metal Church, Chastain, Fifth Angel, Vinnie Vincent, Sword, Gro-Mags

Featured artists:
Europe – 1 pg photo w/text
Boston – 3.5pg interview w/photos
White Tiger – 0.5pg review w/photo
R.A.F., Haywire, Brighton Rock: Wild young and free, Pendragon: 9:15 live, Beastie Boys: Licensed to ill, Hawkwind, Be-Bop Deluxe: sunburst finish, Maninnya blade, Blood Money, Preyer,
Comic Strip – 1pg
Peter Criss w/photo
David Lee Roth w/photo
Thor w/photo (lifting not one but…two ladies in the air)!!
Billy Squier – 2.5pg interview w/photo
Doro – 1.5pg photo w/text
No Shame – 1 pg photo w/text
Beki Bondage – 1.5pg interview w/photo
The 1986 happenings – 6pg photo w/text
Jackie Bodimead / Girlschool
Infernal Majesty, Kreator, VoiVod, Celtic Frost, Torve (Miss Lead), Rosy Vista
Live concerts: Waysted – 1 pg live review w/photo (Hammersmith Odeon, London gig), Kooga / Chrome Molly (Marquee London), MGM (Colchester), No Sweat (Marquee, London), Hawkwind / The Babysitters (Portsmouth), The Lords of the new Church (Portsmouth)

Check exclusive video showing all pages

Check exclusive video showing all pages

Beki Bondage

Kerrang – the longest running and most famous UK Rock and Heavy Metal magazine. These mags have now become ultra collectable pieces of music memorabilia and have featured some of the biggest and smallest names in Rock/HM. Buy a piece of rock history today!!!!!


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The WILD ONE LP. Queen, Kiss, Alice Cooper, Bruce Dickinson, Megadeth, Thunder, Georgia Satellites, Robert Plant, Little Angels

Metal Wave 2001 T-SHIRT xxl: Judas Priest, Megadeth, Cradle of Filth, Savatage, Rotting Christ, Less than Human

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ONSLAUGHT: Shellshock. The Ruts Angelwitch covers Grim Reaper singer Check video

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VANDERHOOF: Vanderhoof PROMO CD 1997 s.t 1st classic hard & progressive rock Metal. Ex Metal Church Guitarist singer. Check audio.

METAL CHURCH: The Dark LP. Check video + samples

FIFTH ANGEL: Time will tell LP 1989, Dutch Pressing (BEST EVER). Timeless classic METAL. check audio + video.

FIFTH ANGEL s.t 1st debut KILLER 1988, Timeless classic METAL, 1 of the best bands ever. Check audio

FIFTH ANGEL: Flexi disc From the Fifth Angel album

VINNIE VINCENT INVASION: All Systems Go LP. Incl. Love Kills + That Time of Year. Check videos. Slaughter, Nelson members and KISS guitarist.

POISON: The best of Poison CD PROMO 20 Years Of Rock Official 2006 US Capitol 18-track promotional-only CD-R acetate advance

POISON: Your Mama Don’t Dance CD Great Loggins and Messina cover. Check video

POISON: Unskinny bop CD 1990 UK single. Check video

POISON: Stand CD Digipak UK 4 track. Incl. great edit and a totally unreleased song. Check videos

POISON: Native Tongue CD. signed, autographed. 1st press, original. Check videos and all samples

POISON: Until You Suffer Some (Fire And Ice) Special edition plastic wallet with cardboard insert picture CD + great mixes of songs! Check video

POISON: So tell me why CD signed, Autographed + Unskinny Bop (live) + Ride the Wind (Live)Check video

POISON: Flesh & Blood CD. 1st press, original. Check all videos!

POISON: Open Up and Say- Ahh! CD. 1st press, original. Check all videos!

BRET MICHAELS: Songs for Life CD (SEALED). + 2 bonus tracks!! Poison singer. + videos

Susie HATTON: Body And Soul CD Sex goddess w. Bret Michaels of Poison (composed songs, performed, produced) + great Rolling Stones cover! Check video!

NO SWEAT: Tear Down The Walls 12″. £0 (Free copy for orders of £40)

NO SWEAT: On the Edge 7″ Limited Edition Cut to Shape Picture disc. Unreleased song with Rick Savage bassist of Def Leppard on backing vocals! Great Irish Hard rock. Check videos

NO SWEAT LP 1st, debut, S.T 1990 Great Irish Hard rock, fantastic singer (Paul Quinn). Check whole album, video clips, live performances etc.

NO SWEAT: Heart and Soul SIGNED 12″

NO SWEAT: Tear Down The Walls PROMO 12″ + 3 different songs + press release! Check videos

NO SWEAT: Tear Down The Walls 12″. Free £0 for vinyl orders of £30+. Check videos. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

RAW CUTS 7″ FAITH NO MORE Live version of Edge of the world, JAGGED EDGE, NO SWEAT, DIRTY WHITE BOY. (Promo)

CHROME MOLLY: I Want to Find Out 12″ Rare 1986. killer cover version of Gary Moore’s Nuclear Attack. Check audio + video

CHROME MOLLY: Angst LP Great anthemic UK Hard Rock, Heavy Metal. Check audio samples

CHROME MOLLY: Take me, Im Yours 12″ One of Britains best-kept secrets.

CHROME MOLLY: Stick It Out LP 1987. Happy Heavy Metal. Powerstation Records. One of Britain’s best kept metal secrets. Check audio

KERRANG No.139 Mint condition. Feb 1987. Baby Tuckoo / Chrome Molly cover, Manowar, Helloween, White Tiger, Rods, Q5, Malice, Lee Aaron, Tesla


Beastie Boys: Licensed To Ill Gatefold LP. Guitar: Kerry King (Slayer) Free for vinyl orders of £45+

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