KERRANG No.139 Check exclusive video showing all pages. vg+ condition. Feb 1987. Baby Tuckoo / Chrome Molly cover, Manowar, Helloween, White Tiger, Rods, Q5, Malice, Lee Aaron, Tesla


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Check exclusive video showing all pages

Check exclusive video showing all pages

KERRANG – No.139 [Baby Tuckoo / Chrome Molly cover, Manowar, Helloween, White Tiger, Rods, Q5]
KERRANG number 139

Date of issue: Feb 5 – 18 1987
Cover – Baby Tuckoo / Chrome Molly
Featured artists:
Megadeth w/very nice photo,
new Slayer drummer TJ [Anthony “T.J.” Scaglione ended up being a fill in drummer on the Reign tour] w/photo,

Cleveland, Ohio, 87. TJ Scaglione of New Jersey’s Whiplash filled in on drums for this show.
Cher going into a harder direction w/photo, CJSS / Chastain w/photo of Leather in concert, Gary Moore goes wild w/photo, Stiff (Texan band) w/photo, Stryken (Christian rock / Metal) w/photo
The Outfield – 0.5pg interview w/photo
Night Ranger w/photo
Eddie Money w/photo
John Waite w/photo
Soothsayer (Thrash Metal from Quebec Canada) w/photo
Comic strip: Wendy O Williams WoW
The Rods – 1pg review w/photo
Malice – 0.5pg review w/photo
Metallica – Master of Puppets [album review]
Rose Tattoo, Agent: Agent, BJH, The Wraith, Tone Norum, Abattoir, Demon: The unexpected guest, Broomstixx Riders, Backstreet Girls, Steve Miller,
Lee Aaron – 2 pg interview w/photo
Tesla – 3.5pg interview w/photo
Metal Church wrestle with half naked women in preparation for…the Metallica tour! w/ 4 photos!
Rough Cutt w/photo with Cinderella, Motley Crue, Malice, Quiet Riot, Guiffria
Manowar – 2 pg feature w/illustration
White Tiger – 2 pg interview w/photo
Helloween – 1 pg interview w/photo
Q5 – 1 pg photo w/text Rick Pierce and Aria Road Warrior
Boston, The Damned, Europe, Deep Purple, Eddie Money, Cinderella, Big Dish, Nuclear Assault, The Cult: Love Removal Machine, Slade
Mr. Thrud (with Toby Jepson from the Little Angels) w/photo
Cobra from Lancaster w/photo
Shy w/photo
The Electric Gypsies (Torme) w/photo
Him w/photo
Chasar w/photo
Baby Tuckoo/Chrome Molly – 4 pg interview w/photos
Lizzy Borden w/ live photo
Eddie Money (Madison Square Garden! NYC)
Excalibur (Marquee London)
Berlin (Nec Birmingham)
Weapons (Marquee London)
Dumpy’s Rusty Nuts (Marquee London)
Samurai (Marquee London)
Georgia Satellites – 1 pg photo w/text

Kerrang – the longest running and most famous UK Rock and Heavy Metal magazine. These mags have now become ultra collectable pieces of music memorabilia and have featured some of the biggest and smallest names in Rock/HM. Buy a piece of rock history today!!!!!


BABY TUCKOO: Force Majeure LP 1986 on Music for Nations with inner sleeve. Hard Rock NWOBHM Geddes Axe gutarist, Accept singer. Check video.

THE BEST OF BRITISH LP Rare 1985 N.W.O.B.H.M compilation. Check samples! Persian Risk, Marseille, Di’Anno, Limelight, Jaguar, Savage, Warfare, Baby Tuckoo, Emerson, Stratus

CHROME MOLLY: I Want to Find Out 12″ Rare 1986. killer cover version of Gary Moore’s Nuclear Attack. Check audio + video

CHROME MOLLY: Angst LP Great anthemic UK Hard Rock, Heavy Metal. Check audio samples

CHROME MOLLY: Take me, Im Yours 12″ One of Britains best-kept secrets.

CHROME MOLLY: Stick It Out LP 1987. Happy Heavy Metal. Powerstation Records. One of Britain’s best kept metal secrets. Check audio

KERRANG – No.99 [Malice cover,Trash, Tygers of Pan Tang, Motorhead, Waysted, Springsteen

KERRANG No. 47 July August 1983 Mint condition. MANOWAR on cover. Manowar sign contract in blood, Mecyful Fate, Virgin Steele, Accept, Asia, Trash, Ratt, Metallica


………detailed LIST OF Manowar TITLES below…

KERRANG No. 47 July August 1983 Mint condition. MANOWAR on cover. Manowar sign contract in blood, Mecyful Fate, Virgin Steele, Accept, Asia, Trash, Ratt, Metallica

Metal Hammer 143, 12/96 Dec 1996. Manowar on cover, Metallica, Anathema, Cradle of Filth, Cathedral, Therion, Satan

Metal Hammer 156, 1/98 January 1998. Ozzy Osbourne on cover, Manowar on cover, Metallica, Sepultura, AC/DC, Iced Earth, Exciter

Metal Hammer 175, 7/99 July 1999 Manowar, Mercyful Fate, Sodom, Immortal on cover Six Feet Under on cover, HUGE Metallica poster

Metal Hammer 170, 2/99 Feb 1999. Manowar on cover, Dimmu Borgir on cover, N.W.O.B.H.M. special, Iced Earth, Anathema, Edguy

Metal Hammer 209, 5/2002 May Halford on cover, Manowar on cover, U.D.O., Rage, Destruction, Omen, Helloween, Tool, Candlemass

KERRANG No. 80 November 1984 Mint condition. Manowar on cover, Hanoi Rocks, UFO, Armored Saint, Thrash Metal.

MANOWAR: Kings of Metal Herz aus Stahl Pleasure Slave 12″. exclusive German release, incl. German version of HEART OF STEEL

MANOWAR: Sign of the Hammer LP 1984, UK pressing 10 records. Check audio

Metal Killers II LP 1984. Motorhead, Manowar, Girlschool, Uriah Heep, Heavy Pettin. Check videos

Metal Crusade magazine (1997) Manowar, Helloween, Ken Hensley, James Byrd, Rudy Sarzo, Iced Earth, Lordian Guard

SHAKIN’ STREET: s.t, debut, 1st LP PROMO. feat. Ross The Boss (before he joined Manowar) 1980. Check video

MANOWAR: Battle Hymns CD Remastered 2000

MANOWAR: Fire and Blood CD-ROM – For PC Only PROMO only. Hell On Earth Part 2 Germany Promo Ultra RARE

MANOWAR: Kills CD PROMO only. Ultra RARE 1992 (Atlantic). Includes 2 unreleased Edited song Versions. Plus free CD.

MANOWAR: Louder than Hell CD PROMO only 1996. Ultra RARE Advance CD (U.S.A.) (Geffen promo). + press release. Plus free CD!

HELL COMES TO YOUR HOUSE compilation LP 1985 (Hard Rock, Metal) MFN 30, Red vinyl, no ps, SIGNED by Exciter

METALLERGY: very Rare compilation featuring N.W.O.B.H.M legends

METALLERGY LP: very Rare 1985 compilation featuring N.W.O.B.H.M Bands and tit grabbing on the cover

METALLICA: Kill em All LP Picture Disc MFN 7 P. 1st press Kill `Em All logo in blue. No barcode.

Q5: When the mirror cracks LP 1986. ex- TKO, pre- NIGHTSHADE. Check samples

Q5: Steel The light 12″ [unreleased songs] 1985 MUSIC FOR NATIONS. CHECK VIDEO

Q5: STEEL THE LIGHT LP 1985, MFN 39 masterpiece. Seriously you have to have it. CHECK audio + review videos. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

NIGHTSHADE: Dead of the night CD. Original, 1st press MFN Records. Q5 members. Check audio.

The CULT: The Electric Mixes CD. Rick Rubin Produced mixes. Check video – audio

Loud magazine (ano 1, No 4), Soulfly (Max Cavalera on cover), Halford, Black Sabbath, Lock Up, Slipknot, Hypocrisy, Lizzy Borden, A perfect circle

LIZZY BORDEN: Me Against The World PROMO FLEXI 7″, RARE ITEM!! Check video

Black Roses soundtrack CD w. longbox. insanely hard to find. Mark Free, Bango Tango, Lizzy Borden, King Kobra. Check videos

LIZZY BORDEN: Deal with the Devil CD Enhanced. 2 hand used. + Alice Cooper & Blue Oyster Cult covers + Joey Vera.

GEORGIA SATELLITES: Hippy Hippy Shake 7″ (from the Cocktail soundtrack) + Hand To Mouth. Check video

THE GEORGIA SATELLITES: Open All Night LP 1988. Southern rock from Atlanta. Good Time ANTHEMS. Check videos

The Outfield: Closer to me 7″. 1992 Catchy Progressive/Art Rock. Check video

THE RODS: 1st, debut, s.t LP – Check audio samples

THE RODS: Too Hot To Stop 12″ + 3 live songs at the Marquee London (they don’t appear elsewhere). Great back photo. 1982 UK

Steel Crazy LP 1982 with The Rods, Anvil, Twisted Sister, Krokus, Lautrec, Girlschool etc. s

Yperano 2 in 1 package BARGAIN price (Less Than Human CD + Supernot CD). 2 CDs Less Than Human: To Breed True + SuperNot: Phlegmatic Sun. Check audio (all songs)

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