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D.O.A. Canada’s punk rock legends put out two albums, four singles and two EP’s in the 1st six years of their storied career. Bloodied But Unbowed is the best of that time period 1978-83. This blazing hot quartet, led by Canada’s godfather of punk Joe Shithead Keithley on vocals and guitar, along with the incredible Chuck Biscuits on drums, the rock n’ roll madman Randy Rampage on bass and the outrageous Dave Gregg on guitar blazed a wide swath through western counter culture. They influenced everyone from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers to Green day to Rancid to NOFX to Jello Biafra to Henry Rollins.

Here is all the music, every single second of the album, all 19 songs:

SAMPLES: www.last.fm/music/D.O.A./Bloodied+But+Unbowed
OR www.amazon.com/Bloodied-But-Unbowed-D-O-A/dp/B002GM4DQM/ref=tmm_other_meta_binding_title_0
OR www.allmusic.com/album/bloodied-but-unbowed-mw0000559316

Track Listing
1. Fuck You
2. Rich Bitch
3. Prisoner
4. Unknown
5. Smash the State
6. Slumlord
7. New Age
8. I Don’t Give a Shit
9. Waiting for You
10. Watcha Gonna Do?
11. World War 3
12. 2 + 2
13. Enemy
14. Fucked up Ronnie
15. Woke up Screaming
16. 001 Loser’s Club
17. 13
18. Get Out of My Life
19. D.O.A.
A Great Place to Start,
Another reviewer mentions that D.O.A. is arguably THE best North American punk band. I’m no expert, but from what I’ve heard I wouldn’t disagree. And for those getting their first taste of Joey and a revolving door of other musicians (I just finished reading his biography) Bloodied but Unbowed is THE best place to start. It gathers together the top tracks from the early days of the band.
From start to finish the record, and now the CD, delivers the one-two punch of rockin’ tunes and biting lyrics. It does stand tall against the best the Dead Kennedys or the Ramones, for example, produced. Since it only covers the very early years you know not all the classics are here, but Bloodied does contain a bloody good portion of them. Buy it. Enjoy it. Pass the word.
Maybe the greatest ever.
Possibly the greatest punk rock band ever. Yes I said EVER. Buy this or the hardcore 81 album. You will never stop listening to it.
5.0 out of 5 stars A Classic Punk Record
If you are new to Punk this is a must own record. If you have been around punk for a long time this is still a must have record. It never gets old, I bought a copy 20 years ago and today bought it again on CD. Its political messages is as relevant today as when this was first made.

20 years of troublemaking from these classic Canuck punks! 10 action-packed story line videos, 3 live videos, and singer/guitarist Joey “Shithead” Keithley’s Sermon from the Mount! Includes comments by Jello Biafra, Henry Rollins, and Dave Grohl. Wow! A must have! All Region Compatible!

1 Disco Sucks 4:03
2 World War 3 4:20
3 Get Out of My Life 1:57
4 War 2:23
5 Dance O’ Death 3:15
6 Takin’ Care Of Business 4:10
7 The Prisoner 2:40
8 We Know What You Want 4:42
9 Death Machine 2:26
10 Hole In The Sky 4:04
11 I See Your Cross 3:31
12 It’s Not Unusual 2:40
13 Joey’s Sermon From The Mount 1:12
14 World Falls Apart 4:02



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D.O.A.: Bloodied but unbowed CD [Canada’s punk rock legends] Check all songs (audio) + video reviews

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