D.O.A 1978 1998 GREATEST shits 20 years of trouble making DVD


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20 years of troublemaking from these classic Canuck punks! 10 action-packed story line videos, 3 live videos, and singer/guitarist Joey “Shithead” Keithley’s Sermon from the Mount! Includes comments by Jello Biafra, Henry Rollins, and Dave Grohl. Wow! A must have! All Region Compatible!

1 Disco Sucks 4:03
2 World War 3 4:20
3 Get Out of My Life 1:57
4 War 2:23
5 Dance O’ Death 3:15
6 Takin’ Care Of Business 4:10
7 The Prisoner 2:40
8 We Know What You Want 4:42
9 Death Machine 2:26
10 Hole In The Sky 4:04
11 I See Your Cross 3:31
12 It’s Not Unusual 2:40
13 Joey’s Sermon From The Mount 1:12
14 World Falls Apart 4:02



D.O.A.: War and Peace CD. Top punk. Cover song Jello Biafra from the D.Ks. Check all samples

D.O.A. It’s not unusual CD 1993 Tom Jones cover + motorhead cover! 5 songs. Check video!

D.O.A. & THOR: Are U Ready CD + free erotic photos & porn clips of Thor’s singer & wife. Check samples

D.O.A.: Bloodied but unbowed CD [Canada’s punk rock legends] Check all samples

D.O.A.: Win the Battle CD [PUNK] Check samples

D.O.A: Hardcore 81 CD. 17 killer songs (1 Led Zeppelin cover! + 4 BONUS E.P Tracks) + Annihilator bassist. Check whole album (audio).

Joey Keithley I, Shithead (a life in Punk) BOOK by the D.O.A singer / guitarist

JOE SHITHEAD KEITHLEY: Band Of Rebels CD. D.O.A., Annihilator members. Steppenwolf “Born to Be Wild” cover

VANCOUVER COMPLICATION CD compilation. A classic! Cult 1977 compilation plus bonus tracks. New Wave , Art Rock, Punk , Indie Rock. Check audio.

Noise Annoys Volume 1 CD. Swingin’ Utters, D.O.A, Sick Of It All, Dropkick Murphys, Less Than Jake, The Donnas, etc. 26 songs!

LET’S START THE ACTION: An electronic tribute to D.O.A. compilation CD. Check all song samples. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!