Noise Annoys Volume 1 CD. Swingin’ Utters, D.O.A, Sick Of It All, Dropkick Murphys, Less Than Jake, The Donnas, etc. 26 songs!


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Various Noise Annoys Volume 1
Label: Kerrang! Magazine PUNKONESHOT 01
Format: CD, Compilation
Country: US
Released: 2001
Genre: Punk, Post Rock
1 Dropkick Murphys The Gauntlet 2:50 Some profound wisdom expressed in this song. It pretty much sums up psychological warfare and the techniques every oppressor who uses ill will to achieve their ends relies on.
2 Movie Life, The Once In A Row 2:30
3 The Nerve Agents, Fall Of The All American 1:14
4 The Distillers, Red Carpet And Rebellion 3:10
5 Osker Life Sucks 1:28
6 Nerve Jinx 2:34
7 Southport Morning After 3:27
8 Swingin’ Utters Pills And Smoke 2:35
9 Less Than Jake Is This Thing On? 3:10
10 Gameface The Warmest Heart Attack 2:54
11 Mouthwash Through The Grey 3:46
12 DOA The Enemy 2:51
13 Powder Monkeys* Nature Of The Offence 3:06
14 The Bullys I’m A Boy 3:03
15 The Donnas, Hot Pants 2:38
16 Gaza Strippers, The* White Hotel 2:38
17 Dog Toffee Jukebox Junkyard 2:18
18 Electric Frankenstein Already Dead 2:31
19 Vision Close Minded 2:41
20 Sick Of It All District 3:28
21 Hope Conspiracy, The Youth And Its Burden 2:30
22 Straightfaced* Fuck Your Scene 1:38
23 Drowningman My First Restraining Order 2:32
24 Death By Stereo Desperation Train 3:01
25 Not From There Hurricane Charlie 2:24
26 Trans Am I’m Coming Down 3:55

Distributed free with Noise Pollution issue one, a publication of Kerrang! Magazine, focusing on punk rock.

26 track CD here that came from UK punk magazine Noise Pollution.
‘Noise Annoys’ is an eye opener for me coz it gives me chance to sample some of these ‘hardcore’ bands that the UK zine scene seems to go in a frenzy about.

However a very familiar band kicks off the proceedings with Bostons Dropkick Murphys who provide a cut off their recent sing Loud, Sing Proud’ album. ‘The Gauntlet’ is in keeping with their more powerful beefy side with loud guitars and strangled gang vocals. And you know what, not a folk tinged leprechaun in sight thank fuck!

The Movie Life are totally new to me and produce a catchy anthemic track of hardcore in ‘Once In A Row’, with smart tuneful vocals.

The NerveAgents have one of those excitable singers thats barks out his machine gunned anti American tirades on ‘Fall Of The All American’.

Next we get the new (to me) but highly recommended rusty, throaty sandblasting from the Distillers and their ‘Red Carpet And Rebellion’. An angst filled track written and sung by Brody Armstrong the rubber lipped Aussie bird whos got a bee in her bonnet and can yer blame her married to Rancids Tim Armstrong?

They are followed closely by the hideously named Osker but this LA band are probably my favourite new find on here. They come at us with a snotty sounding vocalist backed by some fast well played attacking Punk Rock on the inspiring ‘Life Sucks’. Yeah Punk Rock is alive ‘n’ kicking in the 21 st century hardcore community.

Southport from the UK I ‘tink?, are another fucking horribly named band but approach us with some pretty good mid-paced guitar interplay on their ‘Morning After’ pill. But their emotionally flat vocals are so bland its a pain, and any band who can write “April Showers” into a lyric has gotta be suspect!

Mouthwash manage to give us a new slant on semi jangling slow paced guitar territory.

Old Canadian warhorses DOA sound like they just stepped outta 1980 with ‘The Enemy’, its still got enough spark to show a few of the younger spunkers a thing or two.

Powder Monkeys impress with some good chugging guitar riffs

The Bullys from New York are the snottiest and funniest band on this comp. Their hilarious ‘I’m A Boy’ is a simple but effective rocker. Check out this lyric “finger nails are full of dirt ,I peek up ladies skirts, I look at girlie mags, I use my brother as a punching bag” classic ’77 inspired punk rock. On a serious note one of the Bullys was lost in the September 11th Twin Towers disaster, he was a fireman!

They are followed by their female equivalent The Donnas. Now here’s a bunch of birds who give us some great punk rock ‘n’ roller fuzzy guitar and seductive vocals on their addictive ‘Hot Pants’.

The impressively named Gazza Strippers own a powerful guitar sound and create a slick catchy choruses and ‘White Hotel’ is a potentially commercial track.

Dog Toffee from Manchester, England kick off with a great ‘I wanna Be Your Dog’ riff and quickly heads off into a powerful semi New Bomb Turks track. These have the power at their fingertips.

Vision blew me away with their polished but classic anthem ‘Close Minded’. This is a band which has everything a punk rock outfit should strive for. Great riffs, catchy chorus and enough ‘pop’ to get em into the charts without compromising, one to look out for.

Sick Of It All are another band who are a staple diet in some hardcore scenesters collections, check the sample!

Finally Trans Am are like a duck outta water on this collection. They slide in with a snail like Jesus And Mary Chain track called ‘I’m Coming Down’. Its doom laden atmospheric vocals are abetted with a sombre distorted riff and drum machine beats. And showed more novelty appeal than the previous bands could conjure up.



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