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semi-growled vocals and big, modern day Soilwork-like clean harmonies, whilst the songs are filled with lots of heavy guitar riffs, pumping bass and strong drumming. There is lots of keyboard work on the album, played by Andreas Lindahl. Standouts are the melodic guitar work on “Humanitix” with its solid synths and guitar blending; the Evergrey-like (think Monday Morning Apocalypse) crunch of “Rebound”, full with big bass sounds, brutal screaming, catchy clean chorus and some female back-up vocals; and the fierce “Xerox Nation”, guesting Lawrence Mackrory formerly of Andromeda. There is some cool lead exchange happening on “Autumn Lord”; while the title track begins with the line “I will become the master of the universe” before erupting into a full-blown post-thrash meets metalcore heaviness. More metalcore riffage is offered on the slightly electronica-tinged “Symbiosis.


Track Listing
1. Humanitix
2. Rebound
3. Jonestown Slumber Party
4. Xerox Nation
5. Autumn Lord
6. Destruction Time Again!
7. Symbiosis
8. Falself
9. Talk
10. True Deciever
11. Gestalt


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