LET’S START THE ACTION: An electronic tribute to D.O.A. compilation CD. Check all song samples. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


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Label: Sudden Death Records
Catalog#: SDR-0053
Format: CD
Country: Canada
Released: 2003
Genre: Electronic
Style: Hardcore, Breakcore

1 D.O.A. ) – Just Say No To The WTO
2 Ambassador 21 – Attack Of The Peacekeepers
3 Fat Not Dead – New Wave Sucks
4 Ad Astra with Mortis Causa – Fuck You
5 DJ Jesus Christ – Marijuana Motherfucker
6 Pet Nihil vs. Ambassador 21 – The Warrior Lives Again
7 Hyperdriver – Just Say No To The WTO
8 Narc – The Prisoner
9 Zeroism – I Know Who You Are
10 Satan Braten – War In The East
11 Buben – I Know Who You Are
12 Av3rs1on – Fuck You (I Got Life In Me D.O.A.)
13 Nadin Katrin vs. Buben – Unchained Melody
14 Ellende – You Can’t Walk All Over Me
15 Karaoke Vomit – Get Away
16 Contra – Everything Is Not Allright (General Strike)
17 Skvarka – Dead Men Tell No Tales
18 Ev:dence – Evidently Reformed (Watcha Gonna Do)
19 Meconium – Disco Sucks
20 Noize Punishment – Dead Men Tell No Tales
21 Ambassador 21 – Dead Men Tell No Tales
22 Last Letter, The – Watcha Gonna Do

Digital hardcore artists from all over the globe pay homage to Canadian punk legend D.O.A.



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LET’S START THE ACTION: An electronic tribute to D.O.A. compilation CD. Check all song samples. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!