HORIZONTAL LADIES CLUB: S/T CD featuring Richie Sambora from Bon Jovi 12 songs. Bargain price. Check whole album, every song.


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    • Tom Marolda
    • Jackson Woodney
      keyboardsguitarbacking vocals
    • Pete Maloney
      drumsbacking vocals

Track Listings
1. I Hate to Think
2. Too Blonde to See
3. Just Another Doris Day
4. Odd Equilibrium
5. God Is a Girl
6. Angel Baby
7. Paleface
8. Be Careful What You Wish For
9. Fossil
10. Killing Spiders
11. Nowhere to Cry
12. Unprotected
featuring Richie Sambora from Bon Jovi. Tom Marolda, has assembled a fine three-piece band to record Horizontal Ladies Club, a friendly piece of ear candy with clearly-mixed vocals and instruments. Featuring Marolda on vocals, bass,and miscellaneous instruments, Pete Maloney on drums and backup vocals, and Jackson Woodney on keyboards, guitars, and backup vocals, this record is in the vein of Magical Mystery Tour or The Rembrandts 1st disc – summertime pop, with an emphasis on two- and three-part harmonies. Marolda, who originally hails from New Jersey, has appeared on 50 albums either as producer, composer, or artist – with acts ranging from Billy Joel, Cher, and The Smithereens to the soundtracks from Days of Thunder and Stayin’ Alive. Unlike most albums,Horizontal Ladies Club bundles its best tracks in the middle of the disc, including””God is a Girl””and “”Be Careful What U Wish 4.””

Tom Marolda of Toms fame.  If the brilliant powerpop of The Toms’ self-titled first record back in 1979 is no longer the order of the day, I must admit to a real liking for this one-man band’s fresh-sounding melodies
I bought this CD because the cover looks cool, and it turned out to be a great album. The songs have a wide variety of styles that keeps the CD from becoming repetitive.
This is a great compilation of songs. Catchy tunes and studio effects. Highly recommended.
One of my fave albums this, sure there are poppy(ish) overtones but the album is well “off the wall”. The standout track for me is probably “God is a Girl” which some may have heard on an old Frontiers magazine sampler. But there’s some great songs, it almost has the feel of Jellyfish in places. If you like your music straight ahead with no twists then stay clear of this, but if you like a few surprises and like stuff a little “different” well maybe just maybe. BTW R.Sambora is listed on my copy.

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