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Rock in a Hard Place is the seventh studio album by American hard rock band Aerosmith, released on August 1, 1982 on Columbia. It is the only Aerosmith album to not feature guitarist Joe Perry. The band spent 1.5 million dollars on the recording of this album. Rhythm guitarist Brad Whitford left the band during its recording in 1981. Whitford is billed as an “additional musician”, and can be heard playing rhythm guitar on “Lightning Strikes.” This was also Aerosmiths last studio album released on Columbia Records until 1997.

Track listing:
No. Title Writer(s) Length

1. “Jailbait” Steven Tyler, Jimmy Crespo, Rick Dufay 4:38

2. “Lightning Strikes”  4:26
3. “Bitchs Brew” Tyler, Crespo 4:14
4. “Bolivian Ragamuffin” Tyler, Crespo 3:32
5. “Cry Me a River” Arthur Hamilton 4:06 [cover]
6. “Prelude to Joanie” Tyler 1:21
7. “Joanies Butterfly” Tyler, Crespo, Jack Douglas 5:35
8. “Rock in a Hard Place (Cheshire Cat)” Tyler, Crespo, Douglas 4:46

9. “Jig Is Up” Tyler, Crespo 3:10
10. “Push Comes to Shove” Tyler 4:28

The track “Cry Me a River” is a cover written by Arthur Hamilton.
The last track of the album, “Push Comes to Shove” is about his then girlfriend and future wife Teresa Barrick and her twin sister.

Steven Tyler – Lead Vocals, Harmonica, Percussion
Jimmy Crespo – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Rick Dufay – Guitar
Tom Hamilton – Bass
Joey Kramer – Drums, Percussion

Additional musicians
Paul Harris – piano (“Push Comes to Shove”)
John Turi – saxophone (“Rock in a Hard Place (Cheshire Cat)”)
Reinhard Straub – violin (“Joanies Butterfly”)
John Lievano – guitar (“Joanies Butterfly”)
Jack Douglas – percussion
Brad Whitford – guitar (“Lightning Strikes”)

How does the album Aerosmith released without Joe Perry stand up after all these years?

A band caught in a difficult moment. With Steven Tyler not seeing eye-to-eye with sobriety and both longtime guitarists missing, Aerosmith turned to session musician Jimmy Crespo and spent more than a million dollars in crafting Rock In A Hard Place. It should have been a disaster… but was it? Well, Classic Rock writer Paul Elliott, says that “No Aerosmith album is as underrated as Rock In A Hard Place,” referring to it as an album full of “killer songs.”


The band were in crisis. After 1977’s Draw The Line, tensions between frontman Steven Tyler and guitarist Joe Perry had grown to the point where their relationship was unsustainable. “We were pretty burned out,” said Perry. “And instead of taking a vacation, we let loose on each other.” Perry quit during the recording of the follow-up, Night In The Ruts, and amongst the musicians drafted in to fill the gaps was Jimmy Crespo, a session musician from New York. He played lead on Three Mile Smile and ended up joining the band. Two years later, Brad Whitford quit the band shortly after the recording of the follow-up, Rock In A Hard Place, began. And Steven Tyler? Let’s just say he wasn’t entirely focused.

The video created for the first single from the album, Lightning Strikes, was the first the band had created specifically with MTV in mind. The station had launched the previous year, and it was an approach that would bring gargantuan rewards a decade later, as the era of the big Aerosmith ballad began. (It was directed by Arnold Levine, who had previously worked on clips that accompanied Chiquita and No Surprize — from Night In The Ruts — plus the live video of Chip Away At The Stone from 1978’s Live Bootleg. Levine also worked on videos for Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, Loverboy and Meat Loaf).  The song was written by Steven TylerJimmy Crespo and Richie Supa, a friend and collaborator of the band. The band created one of their earliest actual music videos for MTV and other networks with this song. Directed by Arnold Levine, the music video flashes back and forth between the band performing in what appears to be a studio or small venue and then out on the streets, where the band members flash angry looks, and wield baseball bats, chains, knives, and other weapons, suggesting a fight is about to take place. The song also features fake lightning strikes during the transitions between the band’s performance and the streets, and baseball bats striking melons in the air.

5.0 out of 5 stars REALLY A HARD PLACE,
A wonderfully hard rocking Aerosmith album that fails to suffer from the temporary departure of Perry and Whitford, in fact the new blood raises the ante for the band and this remains a great Aerosmith album to this day. Perry is often quoted as wishing he’d been there to co-write the fabulous Lightning Strikes. As a great Perry fan (Aerosmith and solo) I still find this album chock full of the usual swagger and searing guitar that the bands fans adore.

5.0 out of 5 stars What a criminally underrated album,
This was the last good album Aerosmith would release for many years. This album, Being a rather obscure title in Aerosmiths long line of releases, Was made during the most troubled times of the band: Joe Perry and Brad Whitford left the band [Though Whitford plays guitar on ”Lightning Strikes”], The drug abuse within the band was at an all-time high, Record sales were falling, Things were just going bad for Aerosmith. In 1982, With new band members Jimmy Crespo and Rick Dufay, Aerosmith fleshed out this album. While it was not a best-seller like much of their albums from the 70s, This was a highly entertaining album. If you get past the fact that Joe Perry and Brad Whitford are not on this album, you will find that there is some great material on this album. The best songs on the album are ”Jailbait” [Love the beginning of this song very much], ”Lightning Strikes”, ”B*tchs Brew” [A highly entertaining song that is actually one of Aerosmiths best songs], and my personal favorite ”Bolivian Ragamuffin”. The title track and ”push comes to shove” are both great songs too. This is a great album from Aerosmith. I highly recommend this to any Aerosmith fan that likes any of their pre-Mtv material.

5.0 out of 5 stars steven tyler solo album?,
Great song writing, memorable riffs, and hard rockin’ all the way around. A few of my all time favorite Aerosmith songs, “Bitches Brew”, “Lightning Strikes” and “Jailbait”. Who else could write a song called “Jailbait” and get away with it? Other great tunes as well. I highly recommend this album.

5.0 out of 5 stars If you’re hard up for some Aerosmith sound of the 70s, this album is worth trying out. It will sound better than much of the newer material.

5.0 out of 5 stars good one from the band,
This one clearly inspired spinal tap’ with its cover but the music is good rock and that’s a fact. It was a good effort and had a good lead guitarist replacement. It has some great songs on it too like ‘when the lightening strikes’

5.0 out of 5 stars Really good songs on it (I don’t care that its not all the original members) buy it if you like Areosmith’s sound in the ’80s, this is a rock album not a pop album.

  The only Aerosmith album I’ve bought on release, thanks to a 4-star review in Sounds and, in the grand scheme of things, their last great album. Jimmy Crespo and Rick Dufay deserve medals!

Songs like Cheshire Cat and Bolivian Ragamuffin have a great, hard hitting groove.   I think this was a pretty good record. You still had the grit that made Aerosmith but the presence of two members that were probably in better shape than Perry helped give it a fresher sound. Bolivian Ragamuffin which has got that loose, Perry-style riffing on it and is super underrated.

To me, the last truly great Aerosmith album. Nothing they released after this one had the same funk and swagger of Rock in a Hard Place and all the others that came before. Despite the absence of Joe Perry and Brad Whitford, Rock In a Hard Place is really a better album than I remembered and one with a lot of the elements that make a great Aerosmith album.

No Aerosmith album is as underrated as Rock In A Hard Place, recorded after Joe Perry and Brad Whitford had left the band. Amazingly, the two guitarists that came into the group, Jimmy Crespo and Rick ‘The Doof’ Dufay, sounded just like the real thing. And while Tyler was by own admission strung out at this point, he roused himself to perform at optimum level.

here is a lesser-known classic – one of the 10 best deep cuts by this legendary band: Never mind the Stonehenge cover art: Spinal Tap before Spinal Tap. Rock In A Hard Place is full of killer songs, none better than Bolivian Ragamuffin, with a cranking, badass riff that’s quintessential Aerosmith – a dagger to Joe Perry’s heart.

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