Right in the Nuts (A Tribute to Aerosmith) 2CD. 2 hours of 27 unbelievable ’70s covers! Check audio


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Various Artists
Right in the Nuts (A Tribute to Aerosmith)

Hey, just when your thought your were safe from those damn tribute records, we decided to throw one at you. So you want the lowdown…well…take a look at the line-up below and imagine these underground power-houses aggressively kickin’ the jams of Americas finest rock n roll band. From acid to sludge to funk to punk to blues and beyond…it is all in there. The cover is rendered by the world famous Mark Dancey (Big Chief, Motorbooty Magazine).

Right in the Nuts: A Tribute to Aerosmith
Compilation album by Various Artists
Released: July 10, 2000
Genre: Stoner metal
Disk 1: 1:01:51
Disk 2: 1:03:22
Label: Small Stone

Right in the Nuts is a tribute album featuring various stoner rock bands covering Aerosmith songs. The title refers to the 1979 Night in the Ruts album by that band.

Disc: 1
“Movin Out” – Fireball Ministry 4:27
“Make It” – Altamont 3:49
“Lick and a Promise” – Scissorfight 3:35    Check audio
“Combination” – Atomic Bitchwax 3:44
“Rock in a Hard Place” (Cheshire Cat) – Puny Human 3:44
“S.O.S. (Too Bad)” – The Quill 3:51  https://smallstone.bandcamp.com/track/s-o-s-too-bad
“Bright Light Fright” – Five Horse Johnson 2:37
“Adams Apple” – Honky 4:30
“Draw the Line” – Voltage 3:23
“Rats in the Cellar” – Speedball 3:56  https://smallstone.bandcamp.com/track/rats-in-the-cellar
“Sick as a Dog” – Electric Frankenstein 4:33
“Kings and Queens” – Drunk Horse 5:37
“Let the Music Do the Talking” – The Want 4:08
“Last Child” – Soul Clique 6:05
“Train Kept A-Rollin'” – Iron Boss 2:27

Disc: 2
“Sweet Emotion” – Alabama Thunderpussy 5:01  Check audio
“Round and Round” – Half Man 6:55
“Toys in the Attic” – Roadsaw 3:29  https://smallstone.bandcamp.com/track/toys-in-the-attic
“Nobodys Fault” – Solace 4:17  https://smallstone.bandcamp.com/track/nobodys-fault
“Remember (Walking in the Sand)” – Natas 6:11
“Lightning Strikes” – The Men of Porn 9:02
“Chip Away the Stone” – Gideon Smith & The Dixie Damned 3:40
“Bone to Bone (Coney Island White Fish Boy)” – Raging Slab 3:17
“Walkin’ the Dog” – Volume 6:16
“Seasons of Wither” – Nova Driver 5:15
“Lord of the Thighs” – Red Giant 4:29
“Soul Shaker” (cover of “Soul Saver”) – Core 5:24

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