KERRANG No. 57 December 1983 used. Free for orders of £75+. Motley Crue on cover, AC/DC, Yes, ZZ Top, Quiet Riot, Krokus, Savage, Brian May QUEEN, Schon-Hagar


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KERRANG – No.57 Motley Crue Cover/2p AC/DC story/ Yes / ZZ Top / Savage / Brian May / Schon-Hagar

December 15-28 1983 – MOTLEY CRUE part of the front cover is cut and missing (see picture). 

Rock & metal magazine, issue number 57 from December 15-28th, features a 3-page article with superb colour pictures, also includes a superb front cover photograph!)

Kerrang! 57, Dec.15-28 1983, UK, with

BRIAN MAY QUEEN- 2 and a half pages

ZZ TOP – 2 and a half pages

Thin Lizzy: Life, McCoy, Starz, Hawkwind, Sledgehammer, Geordie: No Sweat, Hell on Earth, The McCoy: McCoy review is cut and missing (page 12 + page 13)

Girlschool, Venom, Samson

AC/DC – 2 pages

MOTLEY CRUE – Stoop to conquer, though, as Vince Neil and Nikki Sixx tell us, it’s been an up and down ride –  2 and a half pages

WAYSTED – 1 page


JOHN McCOY – 1 page photo

CHRIS VON ROHR (KROKUS) – 1 page photo.   1/80 of the page cut and missing

QUIET RIOT – 2 page photo with words to ‘Metal Health’1/6 of the page cut and missing

KILLER DWARFS – 1 and a half pages

Y&T / Rock Goddess, Pretty Maids, ZZ Top, Pallas / Solstice, Robert Plant, Alice Cooper, Acid,

Blue Oyster Cult, Ozzy Osbourne: Bark at the moon, Quiet Riot: Metal Health, Heavy Pettin’, Y&T, Def Leppard, Robert Plant, Hawkwind.

SAVAGE – 1 and a half pages

YES – 3 pages

DEF LEPPARD – We chat to Def Leppard guitarists Phil Collen and Steve Clark – 2 pages

MICHAEL SCHENKER – 1 page rear cover photo

Queen/Brian May (3 pages),

ZZ Top (3 pages),

AC/DC (2 pages),

Motley Crue (3 pages),

Schon/Hagar (2 pages),

Quiet Riot (2 pages),

Krokus (2 pages),

M- (like new) condition… .
Kerrang – the longest running and most famous UK Rock and Heavy Metal magazine. These mags have now become ultra collectable pieces of music memorabilia and have featured some of the biggest and smallest names in Rock/HM.  Buy a piece of rock history today!!!!

Check exclusive video showing all pages:

Check exclusive video showing all pages


WAYSTED: Vices PICTURE DISC LP 1983 (UK only. w. cover of Jefferson Airplane). Check audio + video reviews

WAYSTED: Waysted 12″ Mini-Album on Music For Nations 1984. Mint vinyl. s.

WAYSTED: Heaven Tonight 12″ Check video

WAYSTED: Black & Blue + Out of Control 12″ Great photo on sleeve! Check audio sample. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

WAYSTED: The Good, The Bad, The Waysted LP (MFN 85) [Excellent Hard Rock. 2 ex- UFO musicians] Check VIDEO & samples

WAYSTED: Save Your Prayers LP PROMO 1986. Check video + whole album

WAYSTED: Vices LP 1983 with big POSTER & a Jefferson Airplane cover. Check audio and video reviews!

WAYSTED: Save Your Prayers LP. Different EMI version with different covers. 1986 check videos + full audio

WAYSTED: Heaven Tonight 7″ Check video + sample.

MUSIC FOR NATIONS: The Singles Album 2LP set 1986. Signed / Autographed + protective doule plastic jacket. 23 tracks Double LP

WAYSTED: Heaven Tonight 7″ + Fire under The Wheels (unreleased elsewhere). Limited gatefold single Check video

QUIET RIOT: Condition Critical [Classic tape]. Contains Mama we are all crazy now. Check videos

QUIET RIOT: Condition Critical LP. Contains “Mama we are all crazy now”. Check videos!

HELL COMES TO YOUR HOUSE compilation LP 1985 (Hard Rock, Metal) MFN 30, Red vinyl, no ps, SIGNED by Exciter

OZZY OSBOURNE: Bark At The Moon 7″ + One Up The B side (great exclusive track)

Ozzy Osbourne: Bark At The Moon CD 1st press original U.S.A. 1984 Rare.

GEORDIE: No Sweat LP famous for having the AC/DC singer Brian Johnson . Neat Records 1983. Check audio

Robert PLANT: Now and Zen LP. Jimmy Page Led Zeppelin guitarist on Heaven Knows + Tall, Cool One. Check videos


THE BEST OF BRITISH LP Rare 1985 N.W.O.B.H.M compilation. Check samples! Persian Risk, Marseille, Di’Anno, Limelight, Jaguar, Savage, Warfare, Baby Tuckoo, Emerson, Stratus

SAVAGE: Loose ‘n Lethal CD. NMO17. Metallica covered “Let it Loose”. Check audio and 2 review videos. Neat Metal CD reissue contains 3 bonus tracks

Brian May & Friends: Star Fleet Project 12″ UK. No sleeve, just the vinyl. Free for orders of £38+ Check official video + video review of this project.

SCHON & HAMMER: Here To Stay LP with inner [guitar genius Neil Schon. JOURNEY band members] Check video and audio

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