KERRANG – No.433 March 1993 mint condition MOTLEY CRUE with posters, Vince Neil, Ugly Kid Joe tour diary, DORO, Iron Maiden, QUEENSRYCHE, KISS, ACCEPT


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KERRANG – No.433 MOTLEY CRUE Vince Neil, Ugly Kid Joe tour diary, Doro, Hyperhead, QUEENSRYCHE, God Machine, KISS, ACCEPT, Trixter, Wolfsbane, Iron Maiden

KERRANG number 433

Date of issue: Mar 6 1993

Cover – Vince Neil/Steve Stevens

Featured artists:
Kiss – 0.5pg news w/photo + Kiss – 2 pg interview w/photo
Iron Maiden – 1 pg news w/photos + 1 pg review w/photo
Guns N Roses – 0.7pg photo w/news
Naked Truth/Cancer – 1 pg guest reviewers
Ugly Kid Joe – 2.5pg tour diary
Iron Maiden – 1 pg review w/photo/Soul Asylum – 0.5pg review w/photo/Doro Pesch – 0.5pg review w/photo
Hyperhead – 1 pg interview w/photo
Queensryche – 3 pg interview w/photos in Rio De Janeiro
The God Machine – 1 pg interview w/photo
Accept – 1.5pg interview w/photo
Vince Neil/Steve Stevens – 4 pg interview w/photos
Wolfsbane/New England – 1 pg photo w/live review
FM – 0.5pg live review w/photos
Sven Gali – 0.5pg live review w/photo
Trixter – 0.5pg live review w/photo
Kerrang – the longest running and most famous UK Rock and Heavy Metal magazine. These mags have now become ultra collectable pieces of music memorabilia and have featured some of the biggest and smallest names in Rock/HM.
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UGLY KID JOE: Motel California [Tape] Check videos

UGLY KID JOE: Americas Least Wanted [Tape] “Neighbor”, “Busy Bee” “Cats in the Cradle”+ “Everything About You”. Check videos

TRIXTER: Give it to me good 12″ Glam metal, hard rock. New Jersey, USA 1991. Check video

WOLFSBANE: Shakin’ 12″ incl. 2 unreleased songs. ex- Iron Maiden singer. .

WOLFSBANE: I like it hot 12″ incl. 2 unreleased live songs. ex- Iron Maiden singer. Check video.

Hyperhead: Metaphasia LP. industrial Pigface, Ministry, NIN. Check audio

GODMACHINE: Godmachine (s.t) CD Rare /sold out, Self-released 2004. Great Hellenic Power / Thrash Metal. Check samples

CANCER: Corporation$ EP CD death metal REMAKES, REMIXES Celtic Frost cover Check sample