Hyperhead: Metaphasia LP. industrial Pigface, Ministry, NIN. Check audio


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criminally ignored project from 1992. Check out the album, its FANTASTIC!
this is a collaboration of various ‘industrial’ folks, includes martin atkins (pigface) and mary byker (gboa) noko, to name but a few. its very reminiscent of where pwei were trying to go and obviously theres a lot of Pigface sounds, a lot of this project went on to become apollo 440 who are more techno based but there is a similarity here. Mary Bykers voice was never too good but is very distinctive.

Hyperhead: Metaphasia
(1 Dec 1992)
Label: Devotion
Genre: Electronic, Rock
Style: Garage Rock, Techno, Industrial

Track Listings
1. Making Waves
2. Teenage Mind
3. Terminal Fear
4. Easy Slide
5. Close To Hysteria
6. Pre Emprive Counter Attack
7. Ignition X 4
8. Method One
9. Trash



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