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CANCER: Corporation$ EP [In the mid Nineties, Cancer vanished. However, original vocalist John Walker,
drummer Carl Stokes and their mates are back and Oil is a wonderfully brutal speed-fuelled testament to that. Re-recorded Witchhunt and Celtic Frost cover Dethroned Emperor are more in the death metal vein but Oxygen Thieves and the remix of Oil see Cancer in boisterous electro-industrial post-Ministry mode.

John Walker – vocals, guitars
Rob Engvikson – guitars
Adam Richardson – bass
Carl Stokes – drums
1. Oil 04:20
2. Witchhunt 02:34
3. Dethroned Emperor (Celtic Frost cover) 04:52

4. Oxygen Thieves (‘Don’t Breathe My Air’ Mix) 04:02
5. Oil (‘Blackened Satchel Remix’ by Ian Buchanan) 05:29
Total playing time 21:17
4 PAGE booklet, no back cover

Tracks:1. Oil 2. Witchhunt 3. Dethroned Emperor 4. Oxygen Thieves (Don’t Breathe My Air) 5. Oil (Blackened Satchel Remix by Ian Buchanan)

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