UGLY KID JOE: Motel California [Tape] Check videos
UGLY KID JOE: Motel California [Tape] Check videos
UGLY KID JOE: Motel California [Tape] Check videos

UGLY KID JOE: Motel California [Tape] Check videos


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After the US and Canadian tour in 1995, record company Mercury dropped the band. That is, UKJâs contract had ended and it was not prolonged. The band didnât want to stay at Mercury anyway, because the company wasnât a family anymore. Everybody who had worked at Mercury when UKJ got signed, had left or was fired, and there had always been small problems with censorship, videos, etc. The band started writing and recording songs for their new album in Klausâ studio, that was built in his own garage. The band started their own label Evolution Records, and when half of the new album had already been recorded, they signed the distribution deal with Castle Records. It took the band 3 months to get the songs on tape. They did all the production themselves, because they felt that the recording techniques were just a matter of trying and getting it right. Therefore, Motel California only cost $60,000 to record, while Menace cost $600,000!

Motel California, Klaus came up with the title, contains 12 and a half song. Most of the lyrics are written by Whit, but everybody contributed to the songs. Sandwich came out of a group-jam in less than 20 minutes. Dialogue was completely written by Shannon, Undertow is the first song that Whit ever wrote on guitar, and Little Red Man features background vocals from Lemmy from Motorhead. The band knew Lemmy from previous tours, and when he walked into the studio, he grabbed a microphone and yelled ‘little red man!â Would You Like To Be There is written by Dave Fortman. The song was originally called Alien Song because the third verse is about outer space. Rage Against The Answering Machine, a heavy metal song with the bandâs answering machine as vocals, was originally called Message Saved.

Sandwich was the only commercial single and video, although a video for Bicycle Wheels had been recorded in Amsterdam, but has never been released.

After the European tour in December 1996, the band came home to Santa Barbara and started demoing songs for the new album. Their manager Dennis Rider said that they had offers from a couple of record companies. Klaus felt however that something was wrong and had a long conversation with Whit, who was in India at the time. Klaus also asked the others guys, and their reaction didn’t surprise him. Everybody wanted to do something else or go into another direction. Finally they agreed to disband UKJ. It was a very amicable split-up.


rack Listings
1. It A Lie
2. Dialogue
3. Sandwich
4. Rage Against The Answering Machine
5. Would You Like To Be There
6. Little Red Man
7. Bicycle Wheels
8. Father
9. Undertow
10. Shine
11. Strange
12. 12 Cents
13. Sweeping Up

5.0 out of 5 stars A more mature Ugly kid joe, I have all of the bands albums, This album shows a more mature approach to the Joe style of music. We still have heavy guitar but now the use of sensitive melodies and in parts a more refined sound than that of their previous releases. A good buy for any Joe fan! 

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