SHY: Brave The Storm LP 1985 UK. Check audio + video.


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SHY: Brave The Storm (official video clip):

1985 LP. Produced by Tony Platt
Musicians: Tony Mills (Vo) Steve Harris (G) Paddy MaKenna (Key) Alan Kelly (Ds) Roy Stephen Davis (B).

Side-A: 1.Hold On (To Your Love) 2.My Apollo 3.Reflections 4.Keep The Fires Burning 5.The Hunter
Side-B: 1.Brave The Storm 2.Wild Wild Woman 3.Caught In The Act 4.Was I Wrong?

Shy made their major label debut on RCA Records with 1985 Brave the Storm. This release gained much success despite the single “”Hold On (To Your love)”” being disqualified from the charts, as early copies included a shrink-wrapped T-shirt. Reviews from Kerrang! were VERY positive, comparing Mill soaring vocals with those of Geoff Tate, vocalist of Queensryche.                                                                                         Check all samples:    

God, this is good!!!
This is such a great 80 album, but just didn’t get the attention that is deserved. Tony Mills has got to be one of the best singers of the 80 rock era. I’m sure some of the notes he can hit are actually new ones that haven’t been discovered yet. The music is thoughtful, and very well constructed, the songs have emotion and are intelligent. The guitar solo in Reflections is one of the most beautiful ever and all the songs will stay in your head for quite a while.
Shy should have been massive in the 80, but for whatever reason, they never really made it big. And this is a real crime against music as they are one of the most musical bands in rock. Please give them a try as you’ll be glad you did.

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