The FLOWER KINGS: Unfold the Future [double CD-digi pack]140 min. progressive rock, hard rock, blues, jazz, Latin. Check samples


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The FLOWER KINGS: Unfold the Future [double CD, released in 2002 this work more than ever represents an overflowing interface of progressive rock, hard rock, blues, jazz and Latino rhythms. More than 140 minutes of finest prog rock with numerous excursions into different musical styles as well as quotes and references to the legendary releases of the genre make Unfold The Future an adventurous tour de force through various musical hemispheres. “”One of our creative characteristics is to stretch the limits of our music, both chronologically as well as stylistically, in order to see how far we can further develop subjects and musical structures””, guitarist/singer Roine Stolt explains. “”We like the many little details in our songs and hope that our fans can relate to them. If we were asked to compare the new songs with some of the most important prog rock albums of the Seventies, I would say it’s more oriented towards Brain Salad Surgery (Emerson Lake And Palmer), Relayer (Yes), Hymn Of The Seventh Galaxy (Chick Corea), Topographic Oceans (Yes) and Larks Tounges In Aspic (King Crimson) than Selling England By The Pound (Genesis), Yes-Album or Dark Side Of The Moon (Pink Floyd). There are more polyrhythms and jazzy arrangements on Unfold The Future than, say the more hard rocking elements of Rainmaker.””]



Disc: 1
1. Truth Will Set You Free

The Truth Will Set You Free by The Flower Kings on Grooveshark

2. Monkey Business

Monkey Business by The Flower Kings on Grooveshark

3. Black And White

Black and White by The Flower Kings on Grooveshark

4. Christianopel

Christianopel by The Flower Kings on Grooveshark

5. Silent Inferno
6. Navigator
7. Vox Humana
Disc: 2
1. Genie In A Bottle
2. Fast Lane
3. Grand Old World
4. Soul Vortex
5. Rollin The Dice
6. Devils DanceschoolThe
7. Man Overboard
8. Solitary Shell
9. Devils Playground

5.0 out of 5 stars Evolution to a higher form of musical life!,
This album is a definite grower – the more I listened to it the more I appreciated it! The FKs seem to evolve with every new album, while retaining their core stylistic qualities. Unfold The Future is no exception: certainly up there with previous studio highpoints such as Stardust and Space Revolver. As befitting an album of well over 2 hours in length, there is a great variety of styles and moods, from the excellent heavy riffing of Rollin’ The Dice and Silent Inferno (these came across particularly impressively at the recent London gig) to the epic prog tapestry of the opening track The Truth Will Set You Free (30:40). There is a fair amount of jazzy exploration, even some noodling trumpeting reminiscent of Miles Davis. Quality-control has not been overlooked in favour of quantity, with the possible exception of the rather cheesy The Navigator – a somewhat disappointing follow-on to the excellent Silent Inferno (14:25). Devil’s Playground (24:30) makes for a stupendous closing to the second disc. The vocalists really shine here. Throughout the quality of musicianship from all contributors is awesome. Newcomers to the delights of the Flower Kings should not be shy of starting their collection with Unfold the Future.
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5.0 out of 5 stars It took me five years to ‘get’ it,
I still remember the day I got this through the post. I was so excited. The instrumental intro of ‘The Truth…’ was brilliant then Hasse started singing. I couldn’t believe how bad he sounded. Really out of tune, almost drunken sounding. And it’s the same throughout. I think part of why I hated it so much was because of how good he was on ‘The Rainmaker’. But I did acknowledge even then how amazing the music was. Anyway, this year I picked it up and realised I wasn’t a child anymore and didn’t expect every note to be tuned to perfection. With that off my mind I saw this album for what I believe it is. Almost a masterpiece. Get it!

5.0 out of 5 stars Extraordinary!!!,
“”Was that something beautiful, amazing, wonderful, extraordinary beautiful?”” Circus of Heaven form album Tormato of Yes
I was about 14th when I discovered Yes, Genesis, King Crimson and the other progressive groups of late sixties and seventies. I was mad about them. I thought they drove progressive rock in fields that no one could get over in the future. Now I’m 48 years old, and when I heard Pain of Salvation two years ago, and Flower Kings recently, I changed my mind. “”Yes”” revealed new ways in music, walked in innovator paths. “”The Flower Kings”” caught the string and unfolded music future. The path became highroad that conveys to a spaceport and from there to the galaxies. Well, yes, The Flower Kings “”Unfold the Future”” of the music. Thank you my friends for the joy you offered me ungrudgingly.”

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