JAG WIRE: Made in Heaven LP. 1985 RARE L.A pure Heavy Metal / Hard Rock. Check audio


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Jag Wire’s Made In Heaven album is one of those albums that has risen to Cult status.

Category: Hard Rock
Year: 1985
Label: Target Records

Art Deresh vocals
Howard Drossin guitars
Vince Gilbert keyboards
Joey Cristofanilli bass
Carl Elizondo drums

Country USA          

Style Hard Rock

Tracks 01. All My Love (4:34), 02. On The Run (3:48), 03. Heat Of The Night (2:54), 04. Takin’ The City (3:49), 05. Made In Heaven (4:22), 06. Love Can’t Wait (3:41), 07. Nothing At All (3:18), 08. Traitor (2:50)

 Formed in Los Angeles, California, USA, Jag Wire’s origins lay in a band named Sin, a popular attraction on the local rock club scene. Comprising Art Deresh (vocals), Howard Drossin (guitar), Vince Gilbert (keyboards), Joey Cristofanilli (bass) and Carl Elizondo (drums), their initial appearances brought comparisons with groups such as Mötley Crüe and Legs Diamond, leading to a recording contract with local independent Target Records.

Their long-playing debut, “Made In Heaven”, followed in 1985. This featured songs rooted in the west-coast glam rock tradition, though the tidy harmonies and anthemic choruses were more forthright than many of their peers.

one more audio, but the sound is not as good, probably from a tape cassette?

The songs on the album rock along in good pace and are musically interesting. Deresh’s vocals are good, he sounds a bit, like Marc Storace from Krokus. The rest of the musicianship is superb.

I love this album. Great melodic hard rock with a metal edge typical of the mid 80s. GREAT ALBUM. BUY OR DIEEEEEEE!!!!!!

Deresh’s vocals are VERY tight. Disappointed that this band didn’t last longer than a single album.

This is a very good, solid collection of hard rock songs. When you consider this was made in 1985, these guys were doing it a lot better than a lot of bigger acts. Good solid LP. ‘All my love’ is awesome, but all tracks are well done.

I think its definitely worth having if your hooked on mid 80s Rock with a slight pomp feel…pretty cool. All My Love is a great track and the rest is in a similar vein.

Their songs are solid and memorable. If you like it melodic and heavy this baby is for you. “On The Run” was one of best songs come out from L.A.Metal.

Worth owning if you are mad about the L.A. metal scene of the 80s. There are some seriously good tracks that make it worth owning – “On The Run” and the mighty “Taking The City”.

This is a quite interesting album that mixes some Heavy Metal with Melodic Rock/AOR as it has edgy guitars but also very melodic keyboards… ,”All My Love” is a very good solid AOR song, “On The Run” rocks, “Takin’ The City” rocks goodly with those crazy keyboards & guitars …”Love Can’ Wait” AOR song…Art Deresh sounds just like Minoru Nihada (Earthshaker/Loudness singer)…a very good effort from this act that only recorded this album and then vanished away…shamely….84/100

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