KEEL: The final frontier LP 1986 SIGNED, AUTOGRAPHED. Best voice in Metal. If you love 80’s metal, you’ll love Keel. CHECK audio and video review of the album


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Category: Melodic Metal
Year: 1986
Label: MCA

Ron Keel lead vocals, guitar, keyboards
Marc Ferrari lead guitar, backing vocals
Kenny Chaisson bass, backing vocals
Dwain Miller drums, backing vocals
Bryan Jay lead guitar, backing vocals
Gene Simmons producer
Joan Jett guest rhythm guitar
Jamie St. James guest backing vocals
Gregg Giuffria guest backing vocals
Mitch Perry guest rhythm guitars

1. The Final Frontier 3:20
2. Rock and Roll Animal 4:47
3. Because the Night 3:47
4. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow 4:06
5. Arm and a Leg 3:08
6. Raised on Rock 3:10
7. Just Another Girl 3:16
8. Tears of Fire 4:20
9. Nightfall 1:56
10. No Pain No Gain 3:44

Total Running Time: 35:34


A great straight-forward metal album!! Melodic hard rock/metal with an edge!!! Ron Keel has the best voice in metal!! If you love 80s metal, you’ll love Keels brand of metal!!! This rocks to the bone!!!!!!!!!

‘Tears of Fire’ is probably one of the best power ballads. The slow numbers are all pretty good, including a great cover of Because the Night. The cover song ‘Because the Night’ really caught my attention and I must say ever since I’ve been a keelaholic! WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO ROCK !!!

Another great LP from the ’80s!! I don’t think they could ever top this one, very cool cover of ‘Because the Night’, also, ‘Here Today, gone Tomorrow’, Tears of Fire, and the Title track are pretty darn good.

i have the complete KEELs collection, but this album KICKS like no other! A must have, absolutely! 10/10.
US-Rock masterpiece!

great cd and awesome production.keel delivered the goods on this one.because the night and tears of fire are the best songs.this LP is hard to find now.very underrated group. Gene simmons took this band under his wings and got them best new group of 1985 or 86.

I seen these guys at the 1986 TEXAS JAM, they blew me away like no one else that played the COTTON BOWL in DALLAS TX. They lit me up like I was in heaven waiting for them to take me to THE FINAL FRONTIER cranking it up on THE RIGHT TO ROCK, KEEL in my words, ROCKED LIKE NO OTHER WAY BACK WHEN I WAS SEVENTEEN GOIN’ ON CRAZY.

This was a fun record, not as heavy as THE RIGHT TO ROCK but still a GREAT listen. I had a girlfriend in college who was obsessed with the ballad ‘Tears Of Fire’ and she made me play it so many friggin’ times that to this day I still can’t listen to that song… thanks for ruining a great track for me, woman!

This is full of good solid hooks. No Pain, No Gain still kicks my ass…
Excellent. Simply excellent. Straight ahead rock and roll, once again. This sort of venue is sorely missed.

What a great album! This is such a good Keel album. Ron belts it like nobody’s business, Marc and Brian crank out the melodies and provide the crunch. 1986 was a great time for the metal and this album produces. You can NEVER go wrong with a Ron Keel release.

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