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Vocalist Johan Lindstrand returns to the band following a one-album hiatus. As to be expected, there’s a ton of thrashing aggression here, with huge nods to early Slayer and Gathering-era Testament, as well as flecks of recent extreme bands such as Children of Bodom and Raise Hell. Ripping goodies abound. The fast-pounding “Face of Destruction” is strong, with the riff-induced megathrashing of “Deliverance” sure to wreck many a pit. “Cold is the Grave” brings a sliding vengeance, “Morningstar Rising” has some nasty razor work, and “Kill em All” rolls like a thrashy, riff-etched Motorhead track. Other good tracks include “Are You Morbid?,” “Dawn of Emptiness,” and the well-placed time breaks of “Natashead Overdrive,” making this arguably the band’s finest release ever. Release Date October 21, 2003 TRACK LIST: No Tomorrow / Face of Destruction – Deep Hit of Death / Deliverance / Cold is the Grave / Dream Bloody Hell / Morningstar Rising /Are You Morbid? / Bow to None / Kill âEm All/ Natashead Overdrive /Zombiefied!/ Dawn of Emptiness/ In Memoriam

Possessed 13 is the sixth album by Swedish death metal/thrash metal metal band, The Crown.

Henri Kramer of Power had praised the album cover and also praised its division in three parts.

Released 21 October 2003
Recorded Studio Fredman
Genre Death metal
Thrash metal
Length 50.26
Label Metal Blade
Producer The Crown


An improvement – 89%
First of all, this is definitely a heavier, faster, and more brutal album than Crowned In Terror or Deathrace King. From the opener, we have the making of another solid Crown album as No Tomorrow starts with a fast riff, then the drums kick in, the guitars double and bass joins them, and Johan lets loose a scream on top of raging double bass. You know what band you’re listening to at this point. As usual, Janne’s drumming is downright inhuman, most people probably agree with me when I say he’s one of the fastest drummers in metal. The snare could be a little louder, but overall his drums sound great. Solos are melodic, harmonized, and classily-written as usual. Johan’s vocals are his usual screams, no messing around with half-assed clean vox here like most Gothenburg bands. They fortunately steer clear of all that bullshit, Satan bless ’em. The second song, “”Face of Destruction/Deep Hit of Death”” has a simple but cool little riff, although it gets kind of repetitive because they ride the riff a lot but it’s not as catchy as it could be or something. Hard to explain, but it’s a cool song never the less. Then comes “”Deliverance””, my favorite song on the album. This sucker is just riff after monstrous fucking riff, just the way I like it-just check out how that riff just after the one minute mark gets all thrashy at 1:15-GREAT shit. ‘DELIVERANCE! THE SOUL EXPLODES!’ Now we’re talking. And right after this, they bust out another badass riff at 1:32. It’s nonstop goodness here, I love it. The death metal-oriented “”Morningstar Rising”” is another good one, which starts out with blast beats galore, then quickly segues into a thrashing riff/double bass driving unison beast, and then the chorus hits you with a squealing, almost Gorguts-reminiscent riff. Sick soloing too, as usual. The band is definitely trying new stuff on this release, and it’s sounding good to these ears. The album proceeds in similar fashion, with some songs less memorable than others, but overall some real quality death/thrash material here. Other highlights include the propulsive “”Natashead Overdrive”” (another favorite of mine) and the speedfest “”Zombiefied””, which must be shitloads of fun to scream along to live. I also love on this one how during the guitar solo, Johan screams alternating between the left and right channels “”ZOMBIE! ZOMBIE!”” Good stuff. We close out with the last real song in “”Dawn of Emptiness”” which has a quirky little riff that gets catchier the more you listen to it. Not as good a closer as “”Killing Star”” from Deathrace King, but suitable nonetheless, and full of death metal goodness a la “”Death Metal Holocaust”” from Crowned In Terror. Seems they’re favoring heavier closers now, which is fine by me. I’m not a big fan of the slower instrumental interludes occasionally appearing on the album, but hey, that’s what skip buttons are for. In short, worth checking out if you dig the band but were slightly disappointed by Crowned In Terror.


ROCK! – 86%
The high standard of quality Metal that The Crown is known for was not lowered by any means on this latest release. âœPosessed 13â rushes forth with ripping guitars (Marko Tervonen, Marcus Sunesson), wicked drums (Janne Saarenpää) and a nice treat for older The Crown fans: vocalist Johan Lindstrand is back! And he does a kickass job (no surprise). To be truthful, the album took a little while for me to get into, but now that I am into it, itâ™s damned enjoyable; I rarely skip any tracks. The melodies and lyrics alike are engaging, while the awesome writing is substantiated by, as I said, a great line-up.

âœPosessed 13â (so called because of its thirteen tracks as well as its place as the band’s thirteenth release) is sort of a tribute to themselves as well as an explanation of what theyâ™re all about. If you like what theyâ™re aboutâ”pick this record up and get to know them even better! There is a running theme of a horror show, as is displayed in the lyrics as well as the amazing CD jacket (even if you wonâ™t agree with my support-the-artists thing, at least for the sake of the artwork, no downloading!).

The album starts off with about a minute of horror-movie-esque sounds, which leads into No Tomorrow this one builds up nicelyâ”a good song, a strong opener, but in my opinion the album gets better as it goes on. âœFace of Destructionâ”Deep Hit of Deathâ ensues, which is a step up. Same goes for track three,  Deliverance. The next score, Cold is the Grave stood out to me as way better than the first threeâ”plus I love the guitar solo. One of my very favorites on the album is the following, âœDream Bloody Hell,â which is the first of two instrumentals. Itâ™s perfectly placed on the albumâ”this mesmerizing track falls around the middle of the album, serving as a well needed break from the speed and heaviness of the rest of the album. This one has some more of those horror movie sounds thrown in there too, although oddly enough it wasnâ™t until the second or third time that I listened to this song that I actually noticed. Anyhowâ”I have this thing for music that is repetitive and heavy. You know those songs that are really hypnoticâ”this is one of them. Itâ™s also one of the only tracks that gave me an emotional reactionâ¦

To resume the brutal mood is âœMorningstar Rising,â which is an awesome song. My other favorites are âœAre you Morbid?â âœBow To Noneâ and the last two, which have that same mesmerizing qualityâ¦In particular the concluding instrumental, âœIn Memoriam.â The only song I really donâ™t like is âœKill â˜Em All.â I guess itâ™s just boring, nothing new; but the other songs are amazing. Look out for the editions with bonus tracks (demos, etc). Fun, fun. Aside from a couple dull moments, âœPosessed 13â is amazing! Go get it!

Not as brutal, but still decent – 87%
I really liked Crowned In Terror, so I decided to check out Possesed 13 when it came out. It starts kicks off with No Tomorrow, which starts with a standard introduction of strange noises and then a grooving metal riff kicks in, which then gives way to the speedy thrashing main riff of the song. Yeah, it is fast, but the blastbeats that defined Crowned In Terror are absent. It is a good opener and a solid overall song nonetheless. The next song Face Of Destruction is a similar overall fast, yet not blasting song. The third track, Deliverance, is the most like the songs on Crowned In Terror, with a good amount of blasting and very aggressive riffing. Deliverance, Morningstar Rising (another fast blasting song that could be on Crowned In Terror), and Kill Em All (a relatively fast song with an old school thrash feel) are some of the highlights of the CD. Overall, I wasn’t disappointed with the CD, the songs here often have more groove than the ones on Crowned In Terror and there is more diversity among the songs. This is a different kind of CD than Crowned In Terror, but it is still very good. Fans of The Crown, and fans of modern thrash in general, should pick up this CD.

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