KERRANG No.211 Oct. 1988 Free £0 for magazine or 12″ orders of £45+. Spike of Quireboys on cover, Anvil, Uriah Heep, Warrant, Paul Stanley of Kiss and Samantha Fox, big boobs Natalie Banus (Check videos!!)


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Free £0 for magazine or 12″ orders of £45+

KERRANG – No.211 OCT 17 1988 ( Spike Quireboys Cover , Anvil ,Uriah Heep, Warrant, Chrome Molly, Tattooed Love Boys, Megadeth – Van Halen Poster)

page 5 that is hanging lose but is still there, part of the crossword is filled with black ink, TATTOOED LOVE BOYS band picture in the album review missing is cut out. Megadeth + Van Halen posters missing is pulled out, and 2 or 3 other minor problems with pictures that are cut out. 

Cover – Quireboys
Featured artists:
Michael Katon – 0.5pg photo w/news
Vio-lence w/photo, Candlesmass w/photo, Cry w/photo, Fate w/photo, Onslaught w/photo
…Life Cycle: Myth & Ritual, Romeo’s Daughter – Do not Break My Heart, Europe, Vio-lence, Diesel West Park – Jackie’s Still Sad,
Dawn After Dark, QUIREBOYS: There She Goes Again, Helloween: I want out, Dan Reed Network: Get to you, Asylum: Nowhere Fast
…TATTOOED LOVE BOYS: Bleeding Hearts and Needles Marks, Mallet-head, Active Minds, OLD, Erosion, Blind Guardian, Bolt Thrower, Raven, Atrophy, Get Nervous, Slutt, Waxing Poetics, Sacred Reich, Doc Holliday: Song for the outlaw, The Bond, Romeo’s Daughter: Romeo’s Daughter, New Your City Hardcore, Show & Tell, Hexx, Jo Jo, Pestilence
Warrant – 2 pg interview w/photo

Direct Action – 1 pg interview w/photo – Natalie Banus on vocals. amazing photos of her and her with the band…..

Paul Stanley of Kiss and Samantha Fox!
Guns N’ Roses and Metallica: Lars Ulrich wearing Slash’s top hat and smiling.
Anvil – 1.5pg interview w/photos Renowned these days for the mainstream success of the movie Anvil! The Story Of Anvil, the Toronto band were embraced during the NWoBHM era, and went on to become one of the major influences on the burgeoning thrash movement. Albums like Hard N Heavy, Metal On Metal and Forged In Fire were very much a blueprint for what Metallica et al went on to achieve.
Quireboys – 3 pg interview w/photos
Shaun Hutson horror author
Uriah Heep – 1.5pg interview w/photos
Chrome Molly – 2 pg interview w/photo
Tattooed Love Boys – 2 pg interview w/photo
Best A.O.R. albums ever as votes by the readers  2 pages
LIVE REVIEWS: Lisa Dominique w/photo / Wrathchild w/photo, Kings’s X, Heavy Metal Thunder, Horse, The Paragonz, Larry Miller, Balaam and the Angel w/photo, Dawn after Dark

Comic strip: Metallica falling off the scales / tumbling down  (….and justice for all cover theme)

Kerrang – the longest running and most famous UK Rock and Heavy Metal magazine. These mags have now become ultra collectable pieces of music memorabilia and have featured some of the biggest and smallest names in Rock/HM.
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ROMEO’S DAUGHTER: s.t , debut LP. Great A.O.R Great vocals. Check videos HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

ROMEO’S DAUGHTER: Delectable [Tape] Check video. Top A.O.R. Check video

DAWN AFTER DARK: Maximum Overdrive 12″ [Death Cult, The Cult, RPLA, Mission] Check samples.

QUIREBOYS: There She Goes Again 7″ + Misled (double A sided single). Check video

DAN REED NETWORK: Tiger in a Dress CD. Catchy funk rock/ hard rock. Check videos!

GENERATOR: for promo use only tape (Dan Reed’s band). ULTRA RARE

TATTOOED LOVE BOYS: Bleeding Hearts and Needles Marks LP. rare UK Glam/Sleaze. CJ from THE WILDHEARTS. Check videos.

MALLET HEAD: yeah yeah yeah LP 1989 Heavy Metal / Hard Rock. 3 ex- Gang Green members. s

DOC HOLLIDAY: Song for the Outlaw LIVE CD [Southern rock. remastered 2 bonus tracks]

DOC HOLLIDAY: Song for the Outlaw LIVE LP 1989 Excellent condition GATEFOLD. Southern rock. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

SACRED REICH: Ignorance LP + inner with lyrics & photo. Top Thrash! Check video + sample

QUIREBOYS: 7 Seven OClock 12″ [Limited Edition with Double – sided Poster 2 unreleased songs] check video

QUIREBOYS 7 Seven O Clock 12″ [Promo only in white envelope limited 2 unreleased songs] Limited Ed

QUIREBOYS: Hey You 12″. Sex Party LIVE version of Hoochie Coochie Man. Check video clip

QUIREBOYS: Tramps n Thieves 12″ Check videos

QUIREBOYS:This Is Rock n Roll PROMO CD. fucking great band + videos

Quireboys: A bit of what you fancy VHS. LIVE IN THE UK & LIVE AT MUSIC HALL COLOGNE 04.04.1990

QUIREBOYS: Seven O Clock + Sex Party (Live at London’s Town & Country Club) unreleased tracks FLEXI DISC 7″

QUIREBOYS: Lost in Space CD label PROMO. Live 20 song album.

QUIREBOYS: Mayfair 12″. Ginger (later of the Wildhearts) on guitar. Check videos

QUIREBOYS: Tramps & Thieves CD Digipak gatefold. 2 CDs 1992 UK 8-track 2-CD set + great live versions. Check videos

QUIREBOYS: Tramps & Thieves CD Digipak gatefold. 2 CDs 1992 UK 8-track 2-CD set + great live versions. Check videos

QUIREBOYS: Live Compact Disc (Recorded Around the World) LIVE CD. fucking great band! Check videos

QUIREBOYS: From Tooting to Barking CD. Original, 1st press 1994 CD. fucking great band! + videos

QUIREBOYS: A bit of what you fancy CD. fucking great band! Check videos