FALLING SILENCE: Dogs Life CD (still factory sealed) Mix of Hardcore, Nu-Metal self-produced


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1. Dog’s Life
2. The Same For Everyone
3. Sientate Un Momento
4. And The Beauty Of Black Covered Everything
5. Lost Animals
6. Special Thanks To The Shit
7. One Against All
8. Burning The Pedestals
9. The Back Of The Medal
10. Nelle Mie Note (Tutta La Rabbia)
11. As Perfect As You Want Us
12. Trapailleros Forajidos
13. The Darkness Look For Us, Call Us And Tempt Us
14. This Is Our Rage
15. Can’t Live Without Water
What these guys are doing can be described better as a mix of Hardcore, Nu-Metal and a dose of the real deal, i.e. Heavy Metal.
The music alternates between the female vocals of Lore and the male vocals of Seba. Both vocals are angst driven; so donât expect operatic or angelic voices.
lyrics are sung in 3 languages, English, Italian and a sort of Spanish Dialect, very similar to Spanish.
If youâre searching for some real Metal here, well, look elsewhere, nothing to see here, unless you like some Alternative Metal, with a more commercial overtone to it.

self-produced Nu Metal from Switzerland. Falling Silence’s songs are clearly
modelled on the current Nu Metal wave – and yes, that implies some Rapcore
singing, basic downtuned groovy riffs and a sort of Funk/Rock drumming that is only meant to render the songs even more straight – still, the whole disc will undoubtedly leave you a very pleasant impression. One may think it’s because the singer is a nice curly lady, but I think it’s simply because of the global mood, which is direct and most of all, honest

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