Taunusheim: Nebelkämpfe CD PROMO 2005 Pagan Metal For fans of TURISAS, FINNTROLL, later BATHORY, PRIMORDIAL. Check audio (whole album, all songs) + video


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this album definitely isn’t for everyone but if you’re a diehard Viking or pagan metal fan, or even just like heavy folk music you’ll find something to like; A bizarre concept album but it’s still very enjoyable if you keep an open mind; fans of TURISAS, FINNTROLL, Later BATHORY and PRIMORDIAL will find it worthwhile to check them out!

Pagan Metal


Taunusheim .:. The best of Nebelkämpfe album:

1. Sleipnir 03:58 www.schwarzdorn.de/Taunusheim/Songs/Taunusheim_Sleipnir.mp3
2. Getrunken Das Bier 04:59
3. Nebelkämpfe 06:54
4. Wundenschmiede 04:31
5. Taunusheim 05:04
6. Followed By The Raven 03:15
7. Die Reise Zum Aar 04:55
Total playing time 33:36 Included is also a video-clip of the song “”Taunusheim””

The trio from the, surprise, Taunus region is a pretty veteran band, which had released three demos between 1996 and 1998, after that it took a whopping seven years before they managed to get their debut on the market. As several other bands from Germany, they combine German and English lyrics, gives the whole thing something of an own touch, so they have ma absolute ok. Musically they set out in style with a horn, guitars and keyboards, very mystic, with a spoken introduction, before you hear riders and the song âSleipnirâ itself starts. At first slow-paced, then greatly accelerating, garnished with a truly harsh voice, the song culminates in a slow chorus with some choir in the background, interesting beginning and that is only the start for a journey through the world of TAUNUSHEIM and a good one. On âGetrunken Das Bierâ they for the first time also introduce a flute as well as heroic clear vocals, while âNebelkämpfeâ also adds some female vocals on top of that, everything over very varied and at the same time very melodic, but still heavy and often fast compositions. Dynamics is one important factor in TAUNUSHEIMâs sound, because they often vary the tempo and by further implementing different vocal styles also add different moods, while keyboards, flute and acoustic guitars loosen up the heavy guitars and bring in great melodies. From this overall very strong album Iâd like to, no, have to point out âFollowed By The Ravenâ especially, because here they combine acoustic and electric guitars over a slow rhythm and raspy vocals, haven’t heard something like this before! I don’t know, how old the songs here are, but I have quite some hopes for a follow-up album, which will build on these compositions and top it off, they have the potential, so that every fan of Viking and Pagan Metal should definitely check out TAUNUSHEIMâs debut, it is absolutely worth it!

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