ELECTRIC LOVE HOGS LP 1992 mint condition. Excellent heavy with funky bass. Better than Red Hot Chili Peppers. Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee. Check promo videos and an exclusive video


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GREAT QUALITY ALBUM    Check all samples: www.allmusic.com/album/electric-love-hogs-mw0000073524

The band included singer  john feldy who went on to form Goldfinger and  dave kushner of Velvet Revolver.

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The roots of the Electric Love Hogs go back to San Diego, USA, where Feldmann and Hendrix/Metallica fanatic Donny Campion had been playing together since they were 15. The two hooked up with the Glendale, California-born Fernandez and Salem, Oregon native and Kiss Army member LeMieux to play their first gigs in San Diego before moving to L.A. to try cracking the local club scene. They eventually added another guitarist in Kushner, a veteran of the punk scene with Wasted Youth and the 28-piece Trulio Disgracias, a loose-knit conglomeration of musicians which included members of Fishbone and the Chili Peppers.

The group built a local following which included Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, who ended up producing a pair of tracks on the band’s album. Other contributors to the record, produced by Mark Dodson (Anthrax, Suicidal Tendencies), include Jane Addiction/Infectious Groove drummer Stephen Perkins, who plays all the percussion on the record, Suicidal/Infectious Grooves member Robert Trujillo; Kenny Laguna on piano and Trulio Disgracias  rapper, Bronx-style Bob.

The Electric Love Hogs  live shows crystallised what this band was all about – a non-stop mosh pit for the cathartic release of pent-up adolescent frustration. The Electric Love Hogs  guarantee: Get into  em – you’ll be as happy as a pig in shit when you do.

ELECTRIC LOVE HOGS S.T -- Excellent thrash heavy with some funky bass

John Feldmann lead singer; percussion; acoustic guitars & lyricist
Donny Campion   lead, rhythm & acoustic guitars
David Torres Kushner lead, rhythm & acoustic guitars
Kelly LeMieux   electric and upright bass

The band that spawned Goldfinger John Feldmann (guitars, vocals) and Kelly LeMieux (bass) and Orgy drummer Bobby Hewitt (who was then Bobby Fernandez) got together as a cover band in San Diego. Also featuring guitarists Donni Campion (who also went on to play with Goldfinger) and Dave Kushner, the band named itself Electric Love Hogs in a satirical swipe at the L.A. glam rock scene of the late ’80s. Blending funk and metal, the band began creating originals and signed with London Records, releasing just one album in 1992. Mark Dodson did most of the producing, but two songs — produced by Motley Crue Tommy Lee — drew particular interest. The Love Hogs toured with L.A. Guns in the U.S. and Ugly Kid Joe in the U.K.

Label: London Records ‎– 828305-1
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Released: 1992
Genre: Rock
Style: Heavy Metal, Funk Metal
A1 Tribal Monkey
A2 Mr. Fun
A3 I Feel Like Steve
A4 Sittin’ Pretty
A5 Disappointed
B1 The Fix
B2 Keep Getting Up
B3 Pud
B4 Goodbye
B5 Father
B6 Just Another Day

San Diego State Open Air Stone Temple Pilots in their prime,  Asphalt Ballet, Electric Love Hogs:

5.0 out of 5 stars lets all GO HOG WILD,
electric love hogs debut and only album they were a bunch of heavy metal hippies who got the “”hair metal”” tag put on them god i hate that word it so degrading but anyway this guys know how to rock with a party attiude too make you scream at the top of your lungs too songs like tribal monkey EXCELLENT song and MR.fun and Sittin Pretty.
so these guys don’t have deep meanings in there lyrics they were just having a good time grow your hair, and go back too the early 90 were music was best!!!!
lets all go hog wild?!!!!


5.0 out of 5 stars Rude, Loud and Unapologetic,
I first heard this band in 1992 when the supported Ugly Kid Joe in the Glasgow Barrowlands. After being impressed with their energetic live performance and catching a glimpse of their single “”Tribal Monkey”” on late night rock show RAW POWER I made a point of looking out for their album. When I found it…I wasn’t “”Disappointed”” as one of the tracks may suggest. Crunching guitars and pounding drums give a solid backbone for the wild lyrics that are, at times, screamed over the top of this relentless rock/metal extravaganza. “”Keep Getting Up”” should have been a “”Rock Anthem”” with it classical guitar riffs and crunching chorus, other songs such as “”Feel like Steve”” “”Mr Fun”” and “”PUD”” are as early 90 rock as you could imagine….but all in a good way. The album finally finishes brilliantly with a Chilly Pepper styled “”Just Another Day”” which may well be the finest song on the album fusing Funk, Rap, Metal and ROCK.
Buy this, you wont be disappointed !!!

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