DIPNOI: Fkddd CD Black Sabbath, Metallica, Entombed, Corrosion of Conformity, Motorhead, Dead Kennedys. Thrash Metal. Check audio


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IPNOI: Fkddd

Brazilian band, with chunky, heavy guitars The six songs on the disc are somewhat energetic and fairly groove laden and the singer growls like a deranged Danzig who lost his mind.

Similar to: Black Sabbath ; Metallica ; Entombed ; Corrosion of Conformity ; Motorhead ; Dead Kennedys

1. Benzine
2. Iron
3. Lemon juice
5. Hide
6. Lack of me

Bernardo Andréa Bass
See also: Are You God?, Elma, Test (live)

Charles Iron Cobra Drums
See also: Are You God?, ex-Beegar, ex-Crânula, ex-Life Is a Lie

Mario Izzo Guitars

Marcos Mello Guitars
See also: Falanstèr

Ricardo Matsumoto Vocals