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Genre: Black Metal
Label: Avantgarde Music

One of the most cunning releases of the year 2001 was DIABOLICAL MASQUERADE’s “”Death’s Design””, the so-called original motion picture soundtrack for a movie that never saw the light of day. With a mere 61 tracks (several lasting around 20 seconds) spanned over 43 minutes, the overall concept of the album may seem awkward at first, but the listener will quickly find himself adapted to this format, to his greatest pleasure.
Alternating between short bursts of instrumental tranquillity and blasting clips of Black Metal-madness, “”Death’s Design”” concentrates on atmosphere first and foremost. Those looking for non-stop brutal Metal will be disappointed. But still, the heterogeneous blend often leaves one out of breath and confused [perhaps a bit like “”pure Black Metal”” a la DARKTHRONE]. Nevertheless, each and everyone should find many elements to his/her liking in this album. Each track helps me conceive [virtually] a new scene [or new atmosphere] of this unborn movie. The music itself is excellent and though it’s a bit linear, new twists always await the listener throughout the record. The more “”standard”” Black Metal-parts are brilliantly played and are heavily encrusted with keyboards melodies. Blackheim’s voice is dark and eerie and so is the music on which it dances. The presence of Sir Dan Swan is welcomed and definitely brings a certain flavour to this unusual piece.
Just a quick note that’s worth mentioning: the artwork for this album is nothing less than marvellous.
I loved every second of “”Death’s Design”” and it’s really one of my favourite albums of 2001.

Playing time: 43:24

1. “Nerves in Rush” 0:06
2. “Death Ascends – The Hunt (Part I)” 0:16
3. “You Can’t Hide Forever” 0:24
4. “Right on Time for Murder – The Hunt (Part II)” 1:31
5. “Conscious in No Materia” 0:40
6. “A Different Plane” 0:21
7. “Invisible to Us” 0:41
8. “The One Who Hides a Face Inside” 1:09
9. “…And Don’t Ever Listen to What It Says” 0:57
10. “Revelation of the Puzzle” 0:57
11. “Human Prophecy” 0:20
12. “Where the Suffering Leads” 0:19
13. “The Remains of Galactic Expulsions” 0:12
14. “With Panic in the Heart” 0:22
15. “Out from the Dark” 0:46
16. “Still Coming at You” 0:29
17. “Out from a Deeper Dark” 0:28
18. “Spinning Back the Clocks” 1:42
19. “Soaring over Dead Rooms” 2:19
20. “The Enemy Is the Earth” 0:35
21. “Recall” 0:14
22. “All Exits Blocked” 0:35
23. “The Memory Is Weak” 0:11
24. “Struck at Random/Outermost Fear” 0:20
25. “Sparks of Childhood Coming Back” 0:27
26. “Old People’s Voodoo Seance” 1:25
27. “Mary-Lee Goes Crazy” 0:32
28. “Something Has Arrived” 0:15
29. “Possession of the Voodoo Party” 0:46
30. “Not of Flesh, Not of Blood” 0:50
31. “Intact with a Human Psyche” 1:02
32. “Keeping Faith” 1:07
33. “Someone Knows What Scares You” 0:30
34. “A Bad Case of Nerves” 0:50
35. “The Inverted Dream/No Sleep in Peace” 0:16
36. “Information” 0:17
37. “Setting the Course” 0:52
38. “Ghost Inhabitants” 0:50
39. “Fleeing from Town” 1:02
40. “Overlooked Parts” 0:50
41. “A New Spark – Victory Theme (Part I)” 0:49
42. “Hope – Victory Theme (Part II)” 1:01
43. “Family Portraits – Victory Theme (Part III)” 0:36
44. “Smokes Start to Churn” 0:08
45. “Hesitant Behaviour” 1:35
46. “A Hurricane of Rotten Air” 0:19
47. “Mastering the Clock” 0:55
48. “They Come, You Go” 2:11
49. “Haarad el Chamon” 0:20
50. “The Egyptian Resort” 0:35
51. “The Pyramid” 0:24
52. “Frenzy Moods and Other Oddities” 1:10
53. “Still Part of the Design – The Hunt (Part III)” 0:18
54. “Definite Departure” 0:37
55. “Returning to Haarad el Chamon” 0:45
56. “Life Eater” 0:32
57. “The Pulze” 0:27
58. “The Defiled Feeds” 0:36
59. “The River in Space” 0:56
60. “A Soulflight Back to Life” 1:18
61. “Instant Rebirth – Alternate Ending” 0:06
Total length: 43:23

| Notes: The tracks are in 20 Movements

Diabolical Masquerade

  • Blakkheim – rhythm/lead/ acoustic and midi guitars, ambiances and vocals
  • Dan Swanö – Keyboards, ambiences and lead guitar solo on “Keeping Faith” plus keyboard solo on “A Hurricane Of Rotten Air” (Session musician)
  • Sean C. Bates – Drums and percussion (Session musician)
  • Ingmar Döhn – Bass guitar (Session musician)

The Maalten Quartet, Estonia

  • Artieer Garsnek – violin #1
  • Jaak Gunst – violin #2
  • Heiki Schmolski – violin #3
  • Elmo Meltz – viola

Other Personnel

  • AAG (Dag Swanö)  – Guitar solo on “Possession Of The Voodoo Party”, “Frenzy Moods And Other Oddities”, “They Come, You Go”, “Still Part Of The Design – The Hunt (Part III)” and “The Defiled Feeds”
  • Patrik Sesfors – jazz guitar on “Overlooked Parts” and “Mastering The Clock”
  • Konstantin Uweholst – cello
  • Jaari Fleger – grand piano

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