COVERDALE PAGE: Coverdale and Page CD 1993. Jimmy Page [Led Zeppelin], David Coverdale [Deep Purple, Whitesnake] Check videos and audio (whole album) + audio commentary!.


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CoverdalePage = Studio album by Coverdale and Page
Released 15 March 1993
Recorded Autumn 1991-Early Winter 1992
Genre Hard rock, blues-rock, heavy metal
Length 61:05
Label EMI (U.K.)
Producer Jimmy Page, David Coverdale, Mike Fraser

Coverdale and Page (CoverdalePage) is an album by former Deep Purple and Whitesnake lead vocalist David Coverdale and former Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page (as Coverdale and Page), released by Geffen Records on 15 March 1993.
Adding to the Led Zeppelin sound of this album was the John Bonham-influenced and former Montrose drummer Denny Carmassi.
According to David Coverdale, the traffic sign shown on the cover of the album signified “two roads joining to one road. Try to express unification or joining together.”
The album reached #4 in the UK and #5 on the US Billboard 200 chart, while the first single released, “Pride and Joy”, although barely making a dent on the pop charts, reached the #1 spot on the Album Rock Tracks chart for six weeks.

David Coverdale – lead vocals, acoustic guitar
Jimmy Page – electric guitars, bass, harmonica, dulcimer, backing vocals
Denny Carmassi – drums, percussion
Lester Mendel – keyboards, percussion
Jorge Casas – bass
Ricky Phillips – bass
John Harris – harmonica
Tommy Funderburk – backing vocals

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Track listing
1. “Shake My Tree” Coverdale, Page 4:54
2. “Waiting on You” Coverdale, Page 5:16
3. “Take Me for a Little While” Coverdale, Page 6:17
4. “Pride and Joy” Coverdale, Page 3:32
5. “Over Now” Coverdale, Page 5:24
6. “Feeling Hot” Coverdale, Page 4:11
7. “Easy Does It” Coverdale, Page 5:53
8. “Take a Look at Yourself” Coverdale, Page 5:02
9. “Don’t Leave Me This Way” Coverdale, Page 7:53
10. “Absolution Blues” Coverdale, Page 6:00
11. “Whisper a Prayer for the Dying” Coverdale, Page 6:54

Chart (1993) Peak Position
Norwegian Albums Chart 11
UK Albums Chart 4
US Billboard The 200 Albums Chart 5
Canadian RPM Top 100 Chart 5
Swedish Albums Chart 8
Swiss Albums Chart 16
Australian ARIA Top 50 Albums Chart 25
German Albums Chart 27
Dutch Albums Chart 55

Country Sales Certification
Canada (CRIA) 100,000+ Platinum
United States (RIAA) 1,000,000+ Platinum

CoverdalePage was a musical collaboration featuring Whitesnake and former Deep Purple lead vocalist David Coverdale, and former Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page. The project between the two artists commenced in 1991 at the suggestion of American A&R executive John Kalodner. An American arena tour was planned for the summer of 1993, but after sluggish ticket sales the tour was scrapped in favour of a series of concerts in Japan, after which the partnership was dissolved. Page subsequently teamed up with Plant for an “UnLedded” MTV project and Coverdale returned to Whitesnake.

As the 1980s turned into the 1990s, Jimmy Page didn’t know quite what to do with himself. In the 10 years since John Bonham’s death instantly ended Led Zeppelin, he cut two albums with his supergroup the Firm, created the soundtrack for Death Wish II,  and released 1988’s Outrider, which remains his lone solo album. But the enormous shadow of Led Zeppelin hung over everything he did, making them seem tiny by comparison.

David Coverdale, Page’s Geffen label-mate, was in a similar place in his career. He’d just made the decision to end Whitesnake, but had no real future plans. Geffen A&R executive John Kalodner, who had just masterminded Aerosmith’s stunning comeback, saw an opportunity to create a new super-group. It made perfect sense. Page needed a singer and Coverdale, whose vocal style had been compared to Robert Plant for years, needed a guitarist.

They called the project Coverdale/Page, quickly writing 11 new songs together they released on their debut album in March of 1993. They’ve been largely forgotten these days, but singles “Pride and Joy,” “Shake My Tree” and “Take Me For a Little While” actually got some radio play and climbed near the top of the Mainstreams Rock Tracks chart. The album debuted at Number Five on the Billboard album chart. There was talk of a world tour.

Two months after Coverdale/Page’s LP hit shelves, Robert Plant released his solo album Fate of Nations. Critics were not impressed, and it peaked at Number 34, by far the worst showing of his solo career. He wound up opening up for Lenny Kravitz on the road.  He was unable to mask his disdain for Coverdale/Page when speaking to the media, labeling the project “David Cover-version.” It was right around this time he phoned up Page and began talking about the possibility of some sort of reunion. This immediately put the kibosh on the giant Coverdale/Page tour, and they wound up playing nothing more than a tiny run of shows in Japan that December.

Some conspiratorial-minded Led Zeppelin fans think the entire Coverdale/Page project was an elaborate attempt to troll Robert Plant and shame him into a reunion. That certainly wasn’t Page’s plan from the beginning, and he could never had anticipated Fate of Nations would tank, but it definitely paved the way for the Page and Plant tours of the 1990’s. Coverdale, meanwhile, went back to Whitesnake the following year and remains there to this day, leaving Coverdale/Page as a tiny footnote on his long career.

Coverdale/Page – Take Me For A Little While.

Coverdale/Page – Pride & Joy (Official Video)

5.0 out of 5 stars Pretty damn good,
You do not listen to this album as much as feel it with all your organs, climaxing in an uncontrollable urge to smile.
If you like commercial cliche rock then turn off now.
If you like the skilful translation of the intangible into adrenaline AND possess a volume knob that goes to 11 and not 10 then read on.

You will probably loose your neighbours in one afternoon as a result but this of course is yet another plus of the album.
I must admit I come to this guitar fest table from the Led Zep side and would sell my family to have seen them live, but I obviously have missed out on the other duet member as David Coverdales voice is nothing short of superb.It should also be said, and I don`t know who they are,that the session players, especially the drummer and keyboard player,deserve a special mention. I have this album on tape, which is why I am here because I want it on CD and those good old Amazon people are going to send it to me for such a small amount of money it would be worth it just to use it as a coaster.In the words of the bread advert, Jimmy is as good for you today as he`s always been, and David?, well, judge for your self, I`m off to listen to it!!

5.0 out of 5 stars Great Couple,
Honestly i don’t understand why they didn’t continue this project, the cd is one of the best works of Jimmy Page and also of Mr. David Coverdale, they achieved a incredible sound with a lot of memories of their roots, the cd has blues, jazz, rhythm and blues, rock, hard rock, heavy metal; it has it all; is an orgasm waiting for you to listen; if you are a fan o Led Zep or Whitesnake, you have to buy it.
5.0 out of 5 stars Great collaboration!!!,
I must admit that this album pleasantly surprised me due to the high quality of its lyrics, music and production. It simply seems to sound better every time you listen to it. Jimmy’s excellent riffs complemented by Davids brilliant voice make it a classic hard rock CD that you will be glad to have in your collection after next ten years. Best tracks: Absolution blues, Shake my tree and Waiting on you.
5.0 out of 5 stars When two legends meet it results a legendary album.,
It was a widely spread rumour that David Coverdale and Jimmy Page doesn’t come along very well. Another rumour says that it is the reason why they made this album together and when there are two professionals doing the job the outcome is one of the greatest rock albums ever. Basic music played the best way it can be done. If you like (hard)rock you love this album.
5.0 out of 5 stars WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE….
… you get a fantastic rock album,the best either Coverdale or Page had done in years and in Pages case decades.Naturally the the defining influence is Zeppelin,couldn’t be anything else with Page playing guitar but if you look /listen hard enough there are occasional Purple/Whitesnake nuances.

Ten magnificent slices of hard rock/blues(be honest ‘Feelin Hot’ is pretty awful!)from the opening class of shake My Tree’ the lush sound thunders from the speakers,it takes a few moments to get used to Coverdales voice at a higher,raspier level but you will and Pages guitar playing clearly hes pleased to have been let out of the self imposed prison (waiting for Plant to resume ZEP?).The class continues be it the beautiful ballads of ‘Take Me For A little While/Take A Look At Yourself’,the joyous ‘Pride And Joy’,the overtly Zeppelin based ‘Easy Does It’,the excellent ‘Waiting On You’,Majestic ‘Dont Leave Me This Way’. Marvel at the track ‘Over Now’ comprising a riff that only Jimmy Page was born to play,which purposely leaves that last two tracks which are the cream of the crop(a rather splendid crop) namely ‘Absolution Blues’ and ‘Whisper A Prayer For The Dying’ two absolutely gargantuan slabs of rock n blues which would have graced an Zeppelin/Purple or Snake album.

This is an often overlooked gem probably the only mistake they made was not making it an actual band,they should have invited John Paul Jones along with a drummer of note, Cozy Powell would have been perfect but an Aldrige or Bonham jnr would have made things very interesting,still Plant came running back but be honest what would you rather listen to,this classic or the frankly average ‘No Quarter’,i know which i prefer,still we can but wonder if they’ll ever reconvene,here’s hoping.
5.0 out of 5 stars a real gem
I came to this CD very late, I guess put off by David Coverdale with images of some pretty bad hairdos etc. This album is an absolute gem, Coverdale sounds very much like Plant in places, there’s not a duff track on it. So if you’re a Led Zep fan buy it.
5.0 out of 5 stars The old snake charmers at work,
I must admit I wasn’t really sure what to make of this album when I bought it. I’m a fan of both Zeppelin and Whitesnake, so I assumed that it would probably be OK and frankly I was right. It really is a corker of an album. Unless you are a Zep or Snake purist I don’t think you’ll be disappointed either. Certainly the opening track “Shake my tree” is an excellent statement of intent. “Waiting on you” is another blistering treat and the album rollicks along in a similar style until you get to the final two tracks; “Absolution Blues” & “A Prayer for the Dying”. Both have a great ponderous mournful bluesy air to them that rivals anything that Zeppelin did. Page and Coverdale certainly know how to crank out a damn fine tune and I think both appear to spark something off in the other. Its a real shame there wasn’t a second album.

Having read a number of articles about Coverdale in which the writers seem to be surprised about the depth of passion and feeling he can often bring to songs, I often wonder why this should be such a mystery. I suppose that a lot of people associate Whitesnake with the poodle permed power balladeers of the 80s, but if you listen to the earlier Whitesnake output such as “Ain’t no love in the heart of the city” it really is apparent that in his early days of Whitesnake Coverdale was a bloody good blues rock singer. I mean lets face it Purple must have seen something in him.
5.0 out of 5 stars Messrs Coverdale and Page deliver the goods,
I come to this project as a Deep Purple / Whitesnake fan who has spent a lifetime defending them against Zep fans.
Yes, I can hear an awful lot of Zep in here but there Is also a fair amount of Purple / Whitesnake here and the alchemy works just fine. “Take me for a little while” is Coverdale at his very best while “Over Now” would grace any concert set. A shame this is the only evidence of what appears to have been a brilliant project. Well done Jimmy … well done David.


Coverdale Page Japan Tour 1993 tour programme. Superb Japanese only! (They did not tour elsewhere). Check exclusive video showing all pages! WHITESNAKE, DEEP PURPLE, LED ZEPPELIN members

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