A Tribute to JUDAS PRIEST legends of Metal Vol. II CD 1996 Blind Guardian, Gamma Ray, Heavens Gate, Virgin Steele, Angra, Overkill, Kreator, Skyclad, etc. Check audio


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Various: A Tribute To Judas Priest: Legends Of Metal Vol. 2

Label: Century Media 77125-2
Format: CD, Compilation
Country: Germany
Released: 1996
Genre: Heavy Metal, Super Heavy metal, power metal, progressive metal
Length 59:39

1 Iced Earth The Ripper 2:44
Bass Keith Menser
Engineer Jim Morris
Guitar Jon Schaffer, Randall Shawver
Vocals Matthew Barlow

2 Blind Guardian Beyond The Realms Of Death 7:02
Drums Thomen Stauch
Engineer Piet Sielck
Guitar André Olbrich, Marcus Siepen
Mixed By Piet Sielck
Producer Piet Sielck
Vocals, Bass Hansi Kürsch

3 Heavens Gate The Sentinel 5:00
Bass Robert Hunecke*
Drums Thorsten Müller
Engineer Miro , Sascha Paeth
Guitar Bonny Bilski, Sascha Paeth
Mixed By Miro , Sascha Paeth
Producer Miro , Sascha Paeth
Vocals Thomas Rettke

4 Nevermore Love Bites 5:21
Bass Jim Sheppard
Drums Van Williams
Engineer Neil Kernon
Guitar Jeff Loomis, Pat O’Brien
Mixed By Neil Kernon
Vocals Warrel Dane

5 Gamma Ray Exciter 5:01
Bass Dirk Schlächter
Drums Thomas Nack
Engineer Dirk Schlächter, Kai Hansen
Guitar Kai Hansen
Mixed By Dirk Schlächter, Kai Hansen
Vocals Ralf Scheepers

6 Forbidden Dissident Aggressor 2:45
Bass Matt Camacho
Drums Steve Jacobs
Engineer Patrick Coughlin
Guitar Craig Locicero, Tim Calvert
Mixed By Patrick Coughlin
Vocals Russ Anderson

7 Angra Painkiller 6:04
Bass Luis Mariutti
Drums Ricardo Confessori
Engineer Charlie Bauerfeind
Guitar Kiko Loureiro  Rafael Bittencourt
Mixed By Charlie Bauerfeind
Producer Charlie Bauerfeind
Vocals Andre Matos (R.I.P)

8 Overkill Tyrant 4:00
Bass D.D Verni
Drums Tim Mallare
Engineer Andy Katz
Guitar Sebastian Marino
Guitar, Vocals Joe Comeau
Vocals Bobby Blitz Ellsworth

9 Kreator Grinder 3:57
Bass Christian Giesler
Drums Jürgen Reil
Engineer Siggi Bemm
Guitar, Vocals Mille Petrozza
Mixed By Siggi Bemm
Producer Siggi Bemm

10 Skyclad Dreamer Deceiver 4:05
Backing Vocals Tanya Rowlans
Bass Graeme English
Drums Paul A.T. Kinson
Engineer Kevin Ridley, Stuart Campbell
Guitar Steve Ramsey
Mixed By Kevin Ridley
Violin, Piano George Biddle
Vocals Martin Walkyier

11 Stratovarius Bloodstone 3:55
Bass Jari Kainulainen
Drums Jörg Michael
Guitar Timo Tolkki
Keyboards Jens Johansson
Mixed By Timo Tolkki
Recorded By Rudy Kronenberger
Vocals Timo Kotipelto

12 Virgin Steele Screaming For Vengeance 5:11
Bass Rob DeMartino
Drums Frank Gilchrist
Engineer Steve Young
Guitar Edward Pursino
Mixed By David Defeis, Steve Young
Producer David Defeis
Vocals, Keyboards David Defeis

13 Leviathan Night Comes Down 4:19
Bass Derek Blake
Drums Trevor Helfner
Engineer, Mixed By Rob Lewis
Guitar Ronnie Skeen
Guitar, Keyboards John Lutzow
Vocals Jeff Ward

great tribute CD
a great cover by forbidden. In fact, better than Slayers cover of dissident aggressor!

Another Great Tribute to the Metal Gods
This is the second in a series of four CDs from Century Media. I had a hard time tracking this bad boy down, but it was definitely worth it. Like Volume 1, this one has excellent bands covering a wide range of great Priest songs. Nevermore’s version of Love Bites really grew on me. Normally I like the covers to stick pretty close to the original, but they did a stellar job putting their own spin on this. Angra’s Painkiller was great as well. Andre Matos (R.i.P) had a powerful voice and even though his pronunciation of certain words within the lyrics is a little off, he and the rest of the band still did a hell of a job. I like the band Overkill and the cover they did on Tyrant.
If I had to chose, I would say that Vol. 2 is even slightly better overall than Vol. 1, not by that much though. This one is definitely worth the effort to find for a true Priest fan

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