ZIPPO: Ode to Maximum CD (still sealed). A la Orange Goblin, Colour Haze, Kyuss. free for orders of £49+


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The Zippo is an Italian band that formed in 2004. The bands sound is a very heavy stoner rock, although not very dirty, ‘obscure’, experimental, with enough psychedelia and progressive elements.

Ode to Maximum is the first album, released independently in 2006, and is just too good! Recommended for those who like Orange Goblin, Colour Haze, and obviously Kyuss.

01. Alpha
02. Tsunami Dust
04. Forgotten Season
05. Jam Night
06. Kid in the Desert
07. Crazy Forest
08. Tukais Fury
09. The Elephant March
10. Omega

experimental, psychedelic rock, space rock, stoner, stoner rock

“Ode To Maximum” is ZIPPO’s first record. Totally DIY.
The album is currently sold out. released January 6, 2006

Recorded and Mixed by Davide Rosati at Acme Recording Studio in Raiano (AQ)
Mastered by Giancarlo Erra in Rome

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