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Swedish Symphonic Death Metal formed in Linköping in 1999.

More powerful, more unpleasant! No rest for your nerves guaranteed! They often define their music as apocalyptic metal because of their concept. It describes some unpleasant occurrences in an apocalyptic process of “redimensioning” the world, a process that has got out of hand. The mystical fakhir-figure at Xzoriaths live-shows represents the Prophet who gets visions about these occurrences and must proclaim them to the people. Though, it has nothing to do with the classical Christian concept. Cruelty without any good or bad purpose, as a result of a mistake of a bored and too self-confident god, is what this band is talking about. Xzoriath, by the way, is the name of that god. In Xzoriaths music you will certainly hear death/black metal influences, but there are also some elements (soprano vocals, violin) and symphonic parts that people associate with classical music. Under the recent two years, the music has developed. The emphasis is shifted from the mystical atmospheres to more intense, magnificent and powerful character. It aims to take you to a landscape of fear and anger, but first of all – to the beauty of grief!!

1. Intro 01:41
2. Epilogue to child mutilation 05:56
3. Brain Reset 04:18
4. Faces Reversed 05:10
5. Lacrimosa 02:18
Total playing time 19:21

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