WIZ: Shattered Mind Therapy CD Top Power Metal from Sweden. Great singer. Check audio


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Wiz however find a way to put their own spin on the Power Metal genre and come up in spades with a killer release. Freddy and Jake from Nostradameus are members of Wiz and Freddys vocals are top-notch on this release. Musically, Wiz compares favorably to Tad Morose, another straight-ahead power metal band that relies solid songs rather than flash.

Full-length, Arise Records
March 13th, 2004

Freddy Persson: Vocals
Stefan Lindquist: Drums
Martin Karlsson: Guitars
Jake Fredén: Guitars
Johan Weicht: Bass
Female voice on tracks 5 and 7 by Heidi Lilja

Recorded in Gain studios (Gothenburg, September 2003)
Produced, arranged and discussed by WIZ
Enginered by Roberth Olausson
Mixed in Studio Fredman (Gothenburg) by Fredrik Nordström
Mastered in Finnvox studios (Helsinki) by Mika Jussila

1. Mr. Sandman 04:43
2. In Your Eyes 04:42
3. Super Psychic Woman 04:15
4. One Chapter of a Fairyland 04:21
5. Sun Moon Stars 04:49
6. Down 05:05
7. Understand 04:09
8. Return of Atlantis 05:25
9. Empty Words 04:37
10. From the Ashes We Rise 03:53
Total playing time 46:02