WITHERING SURFACE: Walking On Phantom Ice CD Best melodic Heavy metal with some Death vocals. Check all songs:


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Death metal band from Næstved, Denmark. Formed in 1993.

Full-length, Copro Records  October 2001
Recorded at: Berno Studio in Malmo, Sweden in June 2001.

Vocals – Michael H. Andersen
Guitar – Allan Tvedebrink
Bass – Kaspar Boye Larsen
Keyboards – Morten Lybecker
Guitar – Jacob Krogholt
Drums – Nikolaj Borg

Track Listings
1. Walking On Phantom Ice
2. Feed The Wolves
3. Night Of Shame
4. Breed What You Kill
5. Separation
6. Suite 304
7. Joyless Journey
8. Everflow
9. Sundive
Total playing time 42:14

Band: Withering Surface
Album: Walking On Phantom Ice
Year: 2001
Type: Full Length
Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Country: Denmark

Check all songs:

5.0 out of 5 stars AN AMAZING METAL ALBUM,
By Jonny Power (London, England)
I brought this album after hearing joyless journey
on the a metal hammer sampler and can safely say the rest of the album is just as good as joyless journey.it is a mix between death metal and thrash riffs but with a much more melodic side!
the best track is definitely the title track but it is a great album!
buy now or miss out on the best metal albums 2 date!

Denmark strikes back! After ILLDISPOSED the best known export in Death Metal! OK, WITHERING SURFACE are a good lot more melodic than them and are rather Melodic Death. So fans of IN FLAMES and consorts most probably will be those, who will like the material best.
WITHERING SURFACE are more rocking and have very catchy choruses. They don’t care about really heavy parts, but rather on compatibility and how the parts can work together! Death ‘n Roll, so to say. Thinking of it, they don’t really belong to Death Metal anymore anyway. The vocals, yes, they are rather deathy, but also clear. Sure there is a whole armada of bands that tries its luck in the same vein, but not all have songs like “”Walking On Phantom Ice””, “” Joyless Journey”” or the damn groovy “”Breed What You Kill”” to offer. Good songs, good production. Friends of this style, have to buy this one, of course!

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