WISHBONE ASH: There’s the Rub LP 1974 UK original first press. Check audio (whole album)


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WISHBONE ASH Theres The Rub (1974 UK RCA 6-track vinyl LP, picture sleeve. MCF2585).

Track listing:
1. Silver Shoes
2. Don’t Come Back
3. Persephone
4. Hometown
5. Lady Jay
6. F-U-B-B

Check audio (whole album):

Check audio (whole album):

With producer Bill Szymczyk running the sessions, the group finally gets a studio sound as solid as their concert sound. Most impressive all the way through.
Theres the Rub is the fifth studio album by rock band Wishbone Ash. It is the first album to feature guitarist / vocalist Laurie Wisefield, who would be a major part of the bands creative direction for the next 11 years.
The title is taken from Shakespeares Hamlet; “To sleep–perchance to dream: ay, theres the rub.”
The track “F.U.B.B.” caused controversy because of the acronyms meaning (“Fucked Up Beyond Belief”) upon the albums release. Moreover, the haunting ballad “Persephone” would go on to become one of the bands most popular live songs. The lyrics of “Lady Jay” are based on the Dartmoor folk legend about Kitty Jay.
The cover shows a cricketer rubbing (in effect, polishing) a cricket ball on his trousers – a common practice by fast bowlers who do so in order to make one side of the leather ball shinier than the other. This helps the ball to swing’ as it travels through the air after being bowled, so making it harder for the batsman to play it.




Released November 1974
Genre Progressive rock, hard rock
Length 38:57
Label MCA

“Silver Shoes” – 6:36
“Don’t Come Back” – 5:12
“Persephone” – 7:02
“Hometown” – 4:48
“Lady Jay” – 5:59
“F.U.B.B.” – 9:33

Martin Turner – bass, vocal
Andy Powell – acoustic & electric guitars, mandolin, vocal
Laurie Wisefield – acoustic, electric & steel guitars, banjo, vocal
Steve Upton – drums, percussion

Additional Personnel:
Albhy Galuten – organ, synthesizers
Nelson Flaco Padron – congas and additional percussion

5.0 out of 5 stars Class,
Wonderful wonderful album. Great guitar playing as always but real craft at play, not guitar gymnastics. Great intro with Silver Shoes ( real West Coast feel), then onward to the beautiful Perspehone, followed by Lady Jay. This is, next to Argus, their best album, although it has a very different atmosphere about it. Heartily recommended.

5.0 out of 5 stars Classic Ash,
Excellent album from Wishbone Ash while not as solid as Argus this album is my second favourite album from the band,the album boasts some great songs with Silver shoes starting of the album in typical Ash style lovely stuff and the classic Lady Jay a somewhat traditional English piece and excellent it is as well.New guitarist Laurie Wisefield does a sterling job taking over from Ted Turner who decided to leave the band.this album is available as a digital remaster from Japan if you want better sound quality and if you can find it.I highly recommend this album and am sure it will be a worthy addition for your collection.

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