WINGER KIP: Made by hand CD with poster cover. Acoustic versions of Winger songs: sound amazing!


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Category: AOR
Year: 1998
Label: Domo Records

Kip Winger vocals, all acoustic guitars and basses
Noble Kime piano
Robbie Rothchild percussion
Mark Archer pedal steel guitar

Jonathan Arthur additional vocals
Andy Timmons additional guitars
Marc Clark additional percussion

1. Another Way 4:39
2. Down Incognito 3:08
3. Under One Condition 4:11
4. Miles Away 4:00
5. Steam 3:30
6. Headed For a Heartbreak 3:03
7. How Far Will We Go? 5:02
8. Naked Son 3:56
9. Spell I’m Under 3:54
10. Easy Come Easy Go 2:49
11. Daniel 4:23

This is more thoughtful and mature. Skilled songwriting, an increased use of acoustic instruments and laid back arrangements all contribute to an album that, had Winger put this out, would have marked them out as a great rock band.
These acoustic versions of Wingers songs sound better than expected. However, the best song on this is Kips own ‘How Far Will We Go’. Its a big departure from the first 2 Winger albums, so don’t expect big pop hooks and choruses(not that there’s anything wrong with that ).
if you appreciate fine song writing stripped back to its basics then this is a very fine album. Kip allows the lyrics to resonate and those who remember ‘Winger’ being cheesy may have to re-evaluate. This is a very mature release of all the hits performed acoustically. A superb release that may attract some new fans. 9/10
quality solo & Winger tracks played acoustically. and its quality stuff. Amazing album. Highly recommended!
Just Incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A brilliant CD! Some of the songs sound even better stripped down than the originals and Kip is in excellent vocal form. I’ve spun this cd too many times to count!
excellent effort by kip in his usual acoustic sound and aspect. He is a great musician and songwriter,he has always been from his beginning. He seems to be attracted by the darker side of music,there s no problem cause we love him too much.overall nice release with so much quality in it.
Whoever hasn’t checked kips solo records really misses the chance to see what an amazing artist he is. This album gives you the opportunity to listen favourite tracks in a more laid back but still fresh and melodic approach with emphasis on soulful vocals that will move you.

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