WATERBLACK: Humble Parades CD PROMO – DEMO with unreleased 2002 versions. Very good Art Rock. Check audio


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Style: Art Rock
Great melodically, but also in terms of lyrical content and the general underlying concepts.

Waterblack are:
Andreas Economides – Vocals, Guitars
Chris Charalambides – Keyboards
Jonathan Vatikiotis – Guitars
Byron Athinodorou – Bass
Marcos Economides – Drums

Waterblack was formed in 1996 by five friends at school in Limassol. The band began performing in small venues across Cyprus until deciding to move to London in 1998. During this period, Waterblack began developing their own material while continuing to perform in the UK and Cyprus. In 2000 the first recordings were completed at SAE studios in London and more followed later that year in Cyprus. These were grouped together on the EP Humble Parades, which received airplay in Greece and Cyprus. In 2006 Waterblack began recording their first studio album called Orem at SoundScape Studios in Limassol. The album includes songs written from as early as 1996 through to 2005 and reflects the bands growth and experiences during that time. The album was released in 2007 and in the same year received awards from garageband for production, lyrics, vocals and mood. Sales and airplay followed in the UK, USA, Australia, Greece and Cyprus

Country: Cyprus

Check all samples: www.amazon.com/Orem/dp/B007J7LWDG/ref=tmm_msc_title_0?ie=UTF8&qid=133691…

1 Burdened Youth
2 M
3 Thirst (acoustic)
4 Orem (acoustic)
5 Bread and water (acoustic)
6 Vigilance (acoustic)

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