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Calm Before the Storm is the fifth album by Venom. The original title of the album would have been “”Deadline””, but the title was changed when guitarist Jeffrey “”Mantas”” Dunn left the band and was replaced by Jimi Clare and Mike Hickey. Both were to follow bassist Conrad “”Cronos”” Lant in his later solo career and the latter would also return on the 2006 album “”Metal Black””. This album was also re-released in 2000 under the title “”Beauty and the Beast””.

The album is characterised by a “”cleaner””, more synthetic sound when compared to Venom other albums. Especially the drums, which sound almost like a drum machine, are contributing to this fact. Also, the guitar has a brighter sound and is easily distinguishable from the bass. The change in sound is perhaps mostly due to the addition of another guitarist and the producer Nick Tauber, who had previously worked with hard rock acts such as UFO and Thin Lizzy

SAMPLES: Check audio now!!  or  Check audio now!!

1. Black Xmas
2. The Chanting Of The Priests
3. Metal Punk
4. Under A Spell
5. Calm Before The Storm
6. Fire
7. Krackin’ Up
8. Beauty And The Beast
9. Deadline
10. Gypsy
11. Muscle

* Cronos – Vocals, bass guitar
* Mike “”Mykus”” Hickey – Guitar
* James Clare – Guitar
* Abaddon – Drums


5.0 out of 5 stars MIND BLOWER !!!!!!!!!!!!
This record is Venom fifth release,their first since guitarist
MANTAS left the band and was replaced by two extremely competent lead guitarists. The 2 first tracks are excellent but traditional heavy metal style,exciting but kinda disappointing compared to previous albums.From track 3¨Metal Punk¨on,all hell breaks loose
and the music starts whipping you in pure thrash fashion,of a very unique and particular style-new Venom-we could call it.Itr
so intense and fast paced you won’t believe your ears.The sound,unlike all previous albums,is increbible,almost pefect and featuring dynamics to spare !!! The new guitarists’ technique is
polished AND dirty at the same time,and Abbadon is at his best on the drums,that sound like a machine gun !!!
This release won’t disappoint either old or new fans,I just won’t ever figure why it is so underrated,really beats me.It is,in my humble opinion,one of the best trash metal albums of all times.


5.0 out of 5 stars calm before the storm,
Calm before the storm is an extremely underrated album, it blows venoms previous album ‘possessed’ out of the water, the songs are a lot great with the two new guitarists, it is cleaner, much harder and tighter.

Now there are some people who thinks that the drumming from abaddon is actually from him…it is NOT, the drums are too hard too fast too skilled, to be abaddons drumming and you can clearly tell its a drum machine.

my favorite songs on this album are: black xmas, chanting of the priests, calm before the storm, under a spell, deadline, muscle.

it a great album however it is bloody difficult to get hold of and also its really expensive.


5.0 out of 5 stars A hidden Venom gem from 1987.,
Venom`s 5th album is a masterpiece. Bought it on vinyl back in the day and it still sounds great. Released after Possessed,Calm Before the Storm didn`t include Mantas on guitar any more but he was replaced with two guitarists,Mike H and Jim C. I would go as far as say that the album have three Venom classics; Black Xmas, Chanting of the Priests and Deadline! They should be in the Venom setlist! And for the last;when is this album gonna be properly re-released on cd and vinyl? You can`t get it from anywhere.


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