Metal City, A Neat Records documentary (Venom, Warfare, Saracen, Avenger) VHS Video cassette. Super rare! 1986


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This super rare VHS Video tape, contains video clips, interviews, behind the scenes material etc. of the following four bands: Venom, Warfare, Saracen, Avenger.

Please note: this VHS was bought from a reputable store in the ’80s and has the shops’ tag attached on the tape (check the photos that we provide for confirmation of that. If you don’t like the product as presented on the photos, please don’t order the VHS Video cassette)

This is a VHS video tape not a DVD disc.

01. Venom – Seven Gates of Hell
02. Warfare – Burning Up
03. Saracen – We Have Arrived
04. Avenger – Under The Hammer
05. Warfare – Metal Anarchy
06. Venom – Witching Hour
07. Saracen – Love On Sight
08. Avenger – Run For Your Life
09. Saracen – Cheatin’
10. Avenger – Revenge Attack
11. Warfare – Rape
12. Venom – Nightmare

classic Venom film: This, not only contains backstage and pastiche pieces of the band at home in and around Newcastle, it also contains the full “Making Of” film produced when the video for “Nightmare” was being shot.
features selections from the early years – and early incarnations – (1979 – 1985) of one of the best black/thrash/speed metal bands of all time. In the first half of the Eighties, Venom cut their three most influential albums – ‘Welcome To Hell’, ‘Black Metal’ and ‘At War With Satan’ – as a power trio in the Motorhead mould. Both as a part of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal movement and as precursors of thrash metal, Venom were as influential as any British metal band of their era.

Theres a ton of goofy candid scenes with the other three bands, some of which are mildly amusing.

Of the other three bands, Warfare is up first. Thankfully, at least, their brand of rough-and-tumble punky metal is good enough to transcend the early-80s-ness of the whole affair. “Burning Up” and “Metal Anarchy” are certainly still full-on Motorhead-like blasts of speed and adrenaline and Im totally down with that.

While Warfare is raw and dirty (and good) like Venom, Saracen are poppier, keyboard heavy sub-Survivor AOR, with a short-haired mustachioed singer that looks like a supporting cast member from Footloose. Perhaps to compensate for the wimpiness of their music and singer, the band has the good sense to put a lot of scantily clad ladies in the video for “We Have Arrived”.

Last but not least, Avenger fits between the two, not as primal as Warfare or as commercial as Saracen, just solid meat-and-potatoes NWOBHM, with a uniform of bullet-belts and jeans and super-ugly dudes playing Maiden-y metal. Of all four bands on hand, Avenger is by far the most polished and professional, although I’m as partial to Warfares adrenaline-soaked energy as I am to Avengers trad-metal.

Metal City appears to be a Neat Records promotional tool from the mid-80s. It should be approached as a way to check out a few long-lost NWOBHM bands and maybe see some vintage Venom footage.

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